Roofing in New England?

Anyone from New England? I’m looking to sub out some work, hungry for it… Any suggestions on how to hunt down work, very skilled and exprerienced family owned business, flat and shingle roofing…

Hi Joeem, are you in a temporary bind? or have things ground to a halt in your area?
Would you be interested in some short term work in the centre of the Canadian prairies?
Let me know, as we are swampped up here, and there seems to be no end to it. Currently, we are looking at utilizing the “immigrant worker programme”. This is a nationwide “chronic” situation

Try Home depot/Lawe’s… and some general contractors… like if you see a condo-complex put up… or new houses… also try some national developers like Tol Brothers (not sure if spelled correctly :slight_smile:
Be prepared to have all insurance certificates (liability/work comp / commercial truck ins.)
Good luck

Not looking to travel to Canada but the advertising tips should help. Thank you guys. :smiley:

Try your local roofing suppliers.
The smart homeowners go to the lumberyards and supply houses and ask who they would recommend to perform a particular job.
If you have a good reputation and do quality work your local suppliers will be happy to recommend you.
it pretty much guarantees them a sale and they look good when you perform a quality job.