Roofing installation conditions concern

I have about a three-year-old roof (still under warranty) that I have found to be leaking. All of my old roofing was removed (two layers I believe) and replaced due to hail damage. I have found water dripping down several nail tips protruding into the attic, and some roof boards totally wet over sections (currently a few inches of snow on the roof). The insulation and ceiling at my feet were pretty soaked over a few square feet area, and the ceiling damage as viewed from the main floor is what led me to the leak. I have not thoroughly inspected the rest of the roof from the attic yet.

I have always had concerns about the conditions under which my roof was installed. It was done in very cold weather, in fact while it was snowing (the snow had to be removed a few times with a blower in the middle of the job), maybe a day or two shy of Christmas if I recollect correctly. The shingles (asphalt) were half frozen and upon installation many of them lay beveled up, appearing as though they would never have a chance to seal themselves. They remain that way to this day. One representative of the installation company said this would correct itself over time and another said this a “normal” occurrence on some roofs. In light of my leak discovery, I am dubious of both explanations given the circumstances of installation and the way the roof still looks after approximately the first three years.

I need opinions on whether the circumstances of installation were acceptable and I should approach the leak as an isolated incident, or whether any more potential short or longer-term problems might be expected as a result of the circumstances of installation that I bring up. I thank you for your time.

Find the source of the leak and repair it first to prevent further damamge (if indeed it is a roof leak).

As far as the rest, we install roofing year round and have not had these problems.

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