Roofing job in progress gets soaked

My roofer was not able to complete the job when he left on Friday. All of the roof is covered with tar paper. Only about 1/3 of it has shingles installed. He did not cover the roof (with tarps) to protect it from possible water damage. Tonight (Sunday), it began to flood (a South GA rainstorm). I have one relatively small wet spot on the ceiling inside my house. Could this mean damage to the wood under the paper? And, will he have to wait until it is all dry to complete the job? I’d like to be prepared when I get to speak with him tomorrow AM.

I would have tarped it myself but the felt paper should keep the water out if its put on right. Sounds like water got in though…


There will be no wood damage.

Its not ideal, but a job felted in right will not leak. we only tarp in the winter when its going to snow. with cedar or slate installation its quite common to have felt exposed for a while.

in my opinion, the felts main purpose is to keep the decking in the temporary dry-in stage until the roofing can be installed. this is typically done within a few days. The felt could not have been properly installed to allow adequate coverage until they could return to finish the job.

We alway Tarp roof areas the are large/or entirely torn off. Especially in the summer when rain is unpredictable with sudden pop-up showers. Our policy is to tear-off only sections of the roof we know we can get shingled at a time, we apply felt only to peaks or where capping has been removed or where roof lines meet. If the rain/weather is indicated to be estimated at 30% chance,anything more and we do not start the job until the weather chances are in our favor.

East Coast.

I use nothing but 30# felt for tear-offs, 15# can get saturated and leak.
It is a good policy to shingle whatever you tear off the same day, this is not always feasible…
Properly applied ice & water shield and 30# felt will keep the house dry even in a fairly extreme rain…
The wind may blow it off but it will take a pretty good wind…
If you have a forecast for 2-3 days of thunderstorms it is not a good idea to tear off someones roof…
Tarps are a necessary item when tearing a roof off but they shouldn’t be relied upon to “dry-in” a house.
I am much more comfortable leaving a house dried in with felt than I am putting a tarp over it.
IMO tarps are for emergencies.

And if you do need to tarp your roof don’t use the tarps you put on the ground to catch the debris, they have holes in them… :wink:
I have 3 brand new tarps that I bring to every tear off, we haven’t needed them all year.
But they are there “just in case”.

wont hurt nothin to leak a couple a times.
it’ll dry out.
no there wont be mold.


Good roofers know how to felt in right. no need for a tarp unless snow is coming. One leak can ruin can ruin your reputation as a professional Gweedo.

my policy is better safe than sorry…we always dry in AND TARP if its not getting shingled the same day.

No Tarp Needed here .

I have Dried-In many roofs with #30 felt and they have gone thru thunderstorms with no problems .

It depends how good of a job you do at it .

If its a heavy storm and you are in a 2/12 slope or so .

and you dry in using 2 layers of #15 felt make sure you use plastitops since tacker staples will rip thru it and leak when it contracts from the cold

As far as the leak just open up the area so the wood dries out .