Roofing License Experience

Hey guys!! I recently sent in my Certified Roofing Lincense application for Florida.The DBPR emailed me back and wants a detailed report of each job I was a part of and that I supervised. Does anyone know exactly what they are looking for?

Address’s of jobs you’ve done,
What companies you’ve worked for to get the experience.
You have to prove you have 4 years experience.

Thanks for the reply Roof Lover! I have 17 years experience in Oklahoma with shingle and flat roofs. I own a remodel company there so didn’t do alot of roofs. I have been a foreman here in Florida for over a year and have done many different types of roofs. Should I put down the address for jobs in both states? Or just Florida addresses enough?

I dont think the experience has to be florida.
It just has to be real.
They will likely live question you about it.
You are interviewed by a table of other contractors sitting on the state board.

You also will need another current/active
(and not in trouble)florida state licensed contractor to sign and verify you have this experience.

You are not using a school to get through this process? They will help you through the process.
If you dont use the school,
It will be very difficult.

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What type of questions does the board ask during this meeting?

They want to know you have the experience for this license, also want to check your credit, bankruptcies, criminal history.
They will call you on it and make you discuss it if it is not appropriate.
They want you to convince them that you are going to stay in business.
Not too many new roofing business’s make it for very long.
And then Every two years, you will do more testing.
A “continuing education course” to continue.