Roofing market in USA, residential ? % / non residential ? %

According to my investigations the roofing market in the US was in 2007 $11 billion and around 260 million square. is this right???

How many percent of this market is residential and how many is non residential.

How many percent of the residential market is covered by metal roofs

and how many percent of the non residential market is covered by metal roof?

You can also give me the figures in square meter.

What growth figures do you expect for the metal sector.

Which are the five biggest metal roofing manufacturers and how much is their sales volume / turnover annually (roughly…expected)?

( I found here a list with a loads of metal roof manufacturer but i dont know if the list is complete or not!!

Do you know Internet sites where I can gather more informations, I just found reports 3000$ :-(!!!

Or does somebody of you guys have some forecast or report ??? tyrease (at)

I need this informations for a schoolwork (businessplan), thus the informations must not be 100% right. I just have to know if they are assumed or proven.

Many Many thanks in advance

CU Alex"

Honestly, I think asking a group like the National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA) will provide you with better results than us.

I know it’s not info I have on hand (or care to spend the time to research for you).

When I put down for a delivery address, I don’t tell the supply house what kind of ‘end user’ it is, i.e. residential, residential multi-family, commercial, etc.

ranch is right. NRCA is who may have that data. I really do not care except for what we do.