Roofing Market Survey

Hey all!

First of all - if that post is against your forum please don’t hesitate to delete it, I couldn’t reach mods. It is a marketing matter but no sales pitch. I am not another spammer and I actually want to spread awareness. I am here only to collect some knowledge :slight_smile:

I’m Kuba, a marketing professional with 10 years of experience. I am currently starting my freelance journey and want to focus on the roofing industry because of its timelessness, the unchanging need for roofing services, and its constant growth.

To be clear - I have nothing to do with the very popular ‘social media agencies’ run by teenagers with no experience. I will be happy to send you an example of such an agency but I guess most of you have already been flooded with cold emails before.

I would love to know more about the needs and pain points of roofing companies so that I can prepare a personalized set of services with which I can help companies grow, using my skillset.

This is not a sales pitch but an effort to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between Roofers and a marketing approach that truly understands them.

Concerning this post I am open to any guidelines or feedback you may have. This initiative is aimed at helping roofing companies rediscover trust in marketing and enabling me to serve your industry in the most effective way possible.

I would appreciate 2 minutes of your attention on that survey: Google Forms survey link

Best regards,
Kuba Kubiczek

You can dress up a pig in ribbons and bows but at the end of the day it’s still a pig.


I understand scepticism. There are lots of fake agencies and people promising piles of gold. Every trade and market has its good and bad companies.
I guess you can think of multiple roofing companies that you find absurd and disgraceful. The same applies to marketing companies. But there are also the ones that do great job.

I literally want to find out what may work for you the best. I’m respectful, I am not spamming with emails and direct messages. My intentions are clear and good. I would love to help roofing companies grow, as I can see the market is growing and that could be beneficial on both sides.

I cannot make you believe it but one thing is certain - you never know if you don’t try.

I’m Farklempt…talk amongst yourselves.

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These spam accounts just can’t help outing themselves

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You called me a pig, now you call me a spammer for a simple post. I’m wondering what you think of roofers going door2door or leaving leaflets on personal door handles.

I’ll delete my post tonight. That’s a shame, as I genuinely want to help businesses thrive, if they are willing to grow. After over 10 years in my field and many extremely successful clients I’m just sad your attitude makes other people resign from the opportunity that could possibly change their life.

I respect you Rooferman, I have mad respect for all roofers and contractors for doing extremely hard work. I wish it was mutual.

Have a great day and all the best for you and your family.

Skepticism is natural in both roofing and marketing. My focus is on offering a service tailored to your needs, respecting your space. I aim to contribute to the growth of roofing companies in a thriving market. While belief is a personal choice, exploring new possibilities is essential for potential success. Feel free to reach out with any questions…

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How about stop making fake accounts to post all over social media and forums? How is that helping marketing and roofing industry? Geez. You are another reason roofers hate us. Disgrace.

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Well said. And I called your post a pig, not you personally.

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Yeah I guess I took that a bit too personally. Sorry for that.
I don’t actually know how to delete a post in here - I would appreciate an admin to erase it.

Time for the moderator to label post as ChatGPT and AI accounts. I know it’s difficult, but most of us here can spot them right away. The India trolls, using new gmail accounts is a dead giveaway. The infiltration of message boards with no content responses, parrotting speech and strange word structure has been discussed on many boards I watch. The reposting of messages without a purpose, doesn’t give the questioner confidence in the boards knowledge. Eventually the board becomes stagnant and people will move on. Blocking them with a confirmation or CAPATCHA is only a matter of time. If you don’t start now, they will secretly fool many.

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Yeah. Unfortunately the amount of videos and ‘classes’ for young people starting social media marketing agencies with zero experience on how to trick people into conversations is insane. I have a recording when one dude teaches others how to set up many instagram account with female names and stolen photos - and he literally points out how easy these accounts reach roofers.
I regularly report scamming accounts on instagram - you can find it on my profile, @glasscube_a in pinned stories. I will add more every day to spread awareness of how they work to get your attention.

Still - whoever the mod is, feel free to delete that topic in here.

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