Roofing Material - recommendations

I exploring options to reroof house in Florida. House was built in 90s with simulated slate. Is brittle, breaking and in disrepair. Hesitate to put similar product back on. HOA won’t allow architectural shingles. Any input on other options that wont break the bank?

Check the newer artificial slate products on the market, The company I was working for in 2002 put some on and they have held up great. Just wish I could remember the product name!

Atlas Storm Master Slates. Class 4 impact rating and 130mph wind and can get them for around $100 square. Most HOAs will allow them as slate looking shingles.

check out clay tiles, last hundreds of years, look great, lot of choices, have different flat and curved tiles to choose from, be careful how they are attached, Florida has high wind. it is the base that keeps most tiles watertight and base is code required. i was in a restaurant while on vacation in another country during a bad rain storm and the roof was exposed and had no decking or base, just crossed timbers exposed, clay tile double over lap no base and no leaks. however that installation is not code compliant. clay is lighter than concrete tile and last much longer than concrete, it is also more expensive. i have installed clay with foam and screws in high wind areas. if you can handle the weight and want to save money check out concrete tile.