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I just got a new roof installed. The contractor had given me a Tamko brochure and I noticed it didn’t have GAF (I did my research prior to finding a roofer). When I told the contractor I wanted the GAF material he said he didn’t have it and to choose a second one from the brochure. I then told him ok we’ll go with the Heritage premium rustic cedar. I did my research and saw that this material withstands up to 130 vs the 160 for GAF. I specifically asked for this given that I live in FL and wanted to get good quality material for my family and home. Today he came by for a last inspection with us and for payment. After he left I noticed the warranty was checked off for a different material named “Elite Glass Seal” which at the bottom of the agreement it provides the wind warranty and only shows 60 standard and n/a for high wind application. I am pissed. I called the guy and told him thats not what I wanted and specifically told him we wanted the heritage premium. We went back and forth to no solution. I’ve already given him the check but I put a stop payment. Monday we have an inspection. What are my options here? I’ve done tons of online research of this elite glass seal under the tamko website and I’m not seeing a 110 or 130 wind resitance. I don’t know what to do? I don’t want this subpar material. Please any suggestions are greatly appreciative.

Elite glass seal is a 3-tab shingle, the Heritage line is laminate.

Can you post a picture of your roof?

These are pictures they took. Some are blurry. He said they are for us for insurance purposes. Let me know if you need me to take a picture of the comleted roof.

He just made a mistake marking down
He installed elite glass seal.
He did actually install the shingles you agreed to.
The Tamko Heritage.

He made a very small mistake.
YOU made a big one.

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Thank you for your reply. I do have the heritage after a neighbor explaned the 3 tab and heritage dimensional. I wouldn’t know as im a first time homeowner and did my best on research before making this agreement. I have to disagree with your statement about me making a big mistake. If you run this business you would think not everyday people are experienced and have a lot of knowledge about roofing. So I feel he should have been more thorough and professional. Give me a break. There was also a language barrier with this guy. At the end of the day with such a huge purchase he should have provided the correct paperwork. For insurance purposes this document doesn’t show the correct material and wouldn’t they go based on it? But thank you for your input. Have a blessed day!

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