Roofing materials in our attic after a new roof installed?

When going into our attic to replace an air filter, we noticed quite a bit of roofing debris - mostly shingles - all over the insulation of our attic. I don’t even know how this is possible, but maybe when redoing skylights, or reworking areas around vents, fans etc. debris made its way in. Is this normal?? Is it a fire hazard? Thanks for any wisdom you may have.

Did you have skip sheathing or solid decking as the decking surface? Another name for skip sheathing is spaced plank board decking.

If not, then only small particulate and granules should have breached the seams of the existing decking.

Was much decking removed and replaced also?


I hope I am answering your question properly. My understanding was that the roofers took all shingles and materials down to the plywood. From there, they installed a new protective layer (I assume this is decking) and I thought it was a large roll that covered the plywood entirely before the shingles went down. I will try to locate the exact name of products and update tomorrow morning. A new ridge vent was installed as well. Certainteed products…

You probably either mean Ice and Water Shield underlayment or Felt Paper.

Small sections of the plywood can fall into the attic when cutting out the slot for the new Ridge Vent.

Large shingle pieces should not fall in though, unless they cut the slot after they shingled the roof.


It is actually quite normal to find roofing debris in your attaic. It wont harm anything. You can go up there with a garbage bag and clean it…or just leave it. I have been in attics that have roofing debris from 80 years ago…no problems (a little messy though). Most roofers dont clean attics.