Roofing Nails popping up!

I just replaced the roof on my house 4 months ago. While inspecting the roof to see how well she is holding up, I noticed that in about a dozen places The nails are starting to back themselves out, causing the tab over then to slightly raise up…My solution…Lift the tab and bang em back down. Will this work? Why are the coming back out? thanks Ben


What kind of decking? Did you remove the first roof?

Yes I did take the old roof off. the decking is 1x8 and is probably 70+years old. I replaced the decknig that was bad when i took the old roof off. Ben


Some of your nails caught the end of the wood and did not get a good hold in the wood. Or they went inbetween the wood and will not hold.

Move the nail up where there is solid wood and seal the nail hole. Not ideal but will work.

This may not be the problem. Chances are it is.

Also what might have happened is that the nails weren’t driven in straight and the corner of the nail head is still sticking up just alittle. Thats something that you couldn’t notice until the shingles have flattened out.

Again, just pull the tab up and pound down the nail until its laying flat.

Could be the nails you used. Hopefully they were barbed roofing nails.

I seriously dont see any kind of nail coming back up thru 1X decking.

In the last year or so, we are starting to sell new osb on 1X decking roofs. Removing the entire roof, new 7/16 osb over the 1X’s.

Then we have no chance of shooting a nail thru the gaps in the wood.

Nails have a tendency to come back up in the heat of the summer when not properly fastened.


I have never seen nail pops because of the type of nails.

Even copper nails do not pop out.

im with leftys 2nd post.


I agree with that. ANyone else having a bad day like i am???

Nope, I have been sellin like a felon, gtpe, and none at low bidder. Good for me, good for the customers.

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