Roofing Novice - Securing a Bee Hive to a Flat Roof

Hi everyone

I have recently started beekeeping and have decided to use my roof as a place to locate the hive. I have already asked a local builder to add additional supports to the roof so I can use it but I dont really want to drill through the roofing membrane, in case of future leaks.

I was wondering if you think some like the EJObar would be enough to secure a bee hive to the roof?



Don’t penetrate your membrane. Rachet strap it to something like a chimney or railing system whatever you have up there.

Hi Bob

Unfortunately I dont really have anything to strap it to. I was looking for a solution to the problem when I found the EJObar product from Ejot

I have look over the PDF datasheets but I really dont understand how the product is attached to the roof is it glue? Not to mention how much weight it can take. I was hoping someone on here would have used a similar product or at least advise me on how to install it.

Attach the hive to a pallet (or plywood). Place cinder blocks or sand bags on the pallet to weigh it down and a piece of styrofoam under the pallet to protect the membrane. A couple of 4x4 posts laying perpendicular to the direction of your roof joists would also work, and would help to spread the load (although I don’t think bee hives weigh that much).