Roofing question 1

long story short, i just spoke with my contractor and he will be doing my roof. he will be removing the old roof to the beams putting 3/4 plywood and use the following materials:

-GAF weather watch underpayment .

  • Firestone 160 cold app membrane final coat
  • Firestone cold app glue

i am new to this, any advise please?

I think using 3/4 is way over kill
Unless there is special circumstances i am not aware.
Strength not needed, wasted money, super heavy
And who will carry it up the roof?
I would be super happy with a 5/8.

Is this a flat roof? Can you get some pics of the roof surface? Where are you located?

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Def need more info. It sounds like a low slope roof.

What’s currently on there?
Why replacing the decking?
What location?
Internal or external drain system?

Firestone 160 is a modified bituman which is very similar to a long rolled up shingle. It’s used with low slope roofs as a walkable surface.

Most important, like any roof system is to ensure the flashings and penetrations are done correctly. If you see any pile of roofing goop or caulking then they probably did something really badly to begin with.