Roofing Quote Review

Just wanted to have someone take a look at the numbers I have and just confirm whether it is a fair deal.

house is a 2 story colonial.
The guy measured it to be 28 squares with 0% waste. He is GAF Master Elite.

Going with the Timberline 30 year shingle, Deck Armor, 6ft ice guard all around, Snow Country Ridge Vent (148 ft), new gutters all the way around.

Quote comes to $9180

I then wanted to do maybe a lifetime shingle as I dont plan on moving and i am 30, so I figure do it right now.

He quoted that I would need 32 squares which is 12% waste:
Timberline lifetime: additional $1300
Slateline: additional 1252
Capston: additional $1780

I have no idea if these numbers are good or bad. Based on some other quotes it was one of the lower ones, but that doesnt mean anything these days.

I have done a bit of reading on here and many say the GAF Mater Elite doesnt mean much, but I guess it gets me some assurance for 20 years…? Going all GAF I feel I should be covered. The guy seems pretty no nonsense. He tells me the prices are pretty firm as he makes about 10% but he does not monkey around as not giving the best price up front would not be honest. I have no idea if he is just blowing smoke, but I did kind of like him the best. When compared to another master elite quote I got, he was less and the other company actually told me with that price I should go with him. He said the guys does good work…

I have been making myself crazy, lurking here looking for information as well as the rest of the internet. I was planning on finalizing with this guy tomorrow night, but thought to ask for some confirmation on my price before I did. I am in the North East, so we get some sweet weather from snow to rain to hot and humid.

I want to do this right the first time around and I dont want to feel taken, so what do you guys think. If you need any more details, please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance

‘Sounds’ like a great deal :slight_smile:

that is a fair price. probably more than I would charge. If you like him go for it.

The price sounds fair for that part of the country and he is a credentialed contractor . If you trust him and his company it sounds fair . The most important part of the roof is the installation, so get a few references and check them out . Also call your local BBB and state licensing department and check his complaint history.

how does one figure 0% waste on a 30 year timberline, and 12% waste on a lifetime timberline?

Or am i missing something?

I think he was just saying with the designer shingles you get more waste, but for the timberline line, it is 10-12%.

so you arent missing anything I was probably just not clear

Only problem I see is assuming you wont need to roof again by going with a lifetime shingle. If you plan on staying in your house for the rest of your life I would check into a metal roof. I’d be surprised to see a lifetime shingle make it beyond thirty years. If it does it’s probably not gonna be pretty.

ok, gotcha. I think I just misread that.

Yes, of course there is waste involved with the standard shingles. But if he is short on material, he can get more on a moment time and he surely wouldnt even bother telling you about it.

But if he is short on the lifetime material, Then he and you are in big trouble. because those are special order and are not in stock. You/he dont want to end up waiting a week/weeks for more material to be delivered. AND the material might not match perfectly…
That would be a nightmare.
So you ALWAYS order extra for lifetime/special order.