Roofing Recruiter

Hello. My name is Rick Rittenhouse, and I am an executive recruiter in the commercial roofing industry. I have been in the business for the past eight years, and have placed over three hundred professionals nationwide with large scale roofing contractors. I specialize primarily in Foreman, Superintendant, Estimator, and Project Manager level positions and up. We have a number of opportunities currently available, and am here to help. Fell free to e-mail me at
I look forward to being a member of the site, and getting to know you all.
-Roofing Recruiter

im a retired supt with 35 yrs exp. can you find me a job for 6 figures???

Where are you located? what systems are you familiar with? Give me some examples of your work. What type of projects? What size? How many crews are you running? Six figures base or total package? What is your current base? Benefits? Co. truck or allowance? 10-99ed? Culturally, large player or family owned local shop? Where are you looking to go? Wife’s family in Florida? Kids in college in Ohio? Please advise. -Rick

im joking im currently tearing up the southwest in a desert racing truck.did run a 150 man yd in chicago for 22 yrs, installing everything from pitch to tpo to well, you name it ive probably installed it at least once.

Yeah, the sarcasm meter in my head was going off when I read your initial post, but I did not want to come accross as “just another schmuck recruiter”. Glad to hear your are enjoying the fruita of your many years of service to the industry.