Roofing repair and material

I have a two tier deck attached to my home. I made the bottom tier into a screened in porch. On the top tier I put down some plywood on top of the old deck then rolled roofing. Because of the posts(they run the length of both decks to the ground) that hold up the wooden railings around the top deck I had to fit the roofing around them. I also had to fit the roofing around the slats on the railing. Well has you can imagine I’ve got leaks. I want to be able to use this top deck. Is there any roofing that can stand foot traffic. I’m open to taking down the railing and putting something else up. This roofing material can’t be dark in color because the deck is exposed to the sun(there is no roof).

first question is whats your budget? how much traffic does the top deck get? dec-k-ing is a great product for your app. only thing is its pricey. make sure you find a good roofer hopefully one that has applied this type of product before. you can find more info here

Instant set polyurea membrane with an aggregate cast in a secodary wear coat for anti-skid purpose. The best walkable waterproofing system I have seen.


were are you located?


Here come the vultures…

mulehide base and cap sheet would work but if there is much traffic on the deck it will wear really quick. plus they will not warranty if its a walk deck. mulehide dec-k-ing is warranted for walk decks, is polyurea?

Polyurea is manufactured for it.

but the question was is it warranted???

Yes, it is. Why wouldn’t it be?

is polyurea a product only sold to applicators or can wholesalers buy it and resell it? and is it only found in your area?

dec-k-ing is crap. it looks like lineolium and it will warp in the heat. go with fluid applied.

I have sold almost 200 sq of dec-k-ing on about 30 jobs, plus we are out here in the desert- temps up to 105 deg. and not one job has had a problem.

I had a guy trying to get me to spec that. I asked for a project reference. He took me to a job and to his horror it was warping. At the thresholds, posts and perimeter. So he took me to ABC supply to view their display and it was warped also. So that was the end of that. It must function differently where you are.

where are you? what is the climate?

Polyurea is available worldwide.

I buy factory direct. You need a to learn a small library of info to apply it, and have to olwn specialized equipment to intall it…but when you do, you have a tough, hard, elastomeric membrane that exceeds the physical properties of any available single ply on the market (at equal thickness).

Awesome stuff.

do some people buy from distribtors?

Southern CA… . We have all the climates. Mountains to 12000 ft deserts below sea level, humidity between 6 and 100% temps from 20’s to 115’s.

I typically work everywhere west of the rockies.

sure they do.