Roofing Sales. Mn

Just wondering if other sales folks are getting any jobs at all. It seems like there are no jobs out there anymore (especially in my locality, Minneapolis) Is it just me or is this a general consensus? If I am wrong any tips on which areas to canvas?

We are getting calls in VA.

It has been alittle harder closing them.

Some have called back months later ready to do the work.

I am having a hard time in PA but am new at this… Any advice out there…?

Nothing in Mo.

Its slow everywhere due to the economy, funny thing is washington thinks were out of it. Closing the job is what you need to figure out there is alot to it. I would help but too many people ruined it for anyone else. Sorry

Been booked out for 2 months steady in Minnesota since middle of 2006.

Starting to plan jobs for next Spring.

All word of mouth leads, 12 years in the bus. Each year brings more jobs. 95% of work is insurance paid.

Doug you the man!

We have a few clients getting work but for the most part work is few n far between. It is hard to even give free inspections… PM packages or anything… Winter is going to be hard. I’ve been working on my own cpu business but I love my company and the sales part of the job. I just feel horrible for the guys who aren’t working, lots of sleepless nights.

You know who i feel sorry for is the people that are having a hard time closing jobs. Thats who i feel sorry for.