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Hey everyone, I’ve got a question for you all. My friend has a roofing business and wants me to sell roofs door to door for him. What kind of business license would I need?
From what I could find I would have to get a general contractors license or a roofing license. I’m hoping I don’t need the roofing license since I won’t be doing any of the construction. Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you

That would vary based on state law but that mainly depends on how you are getting paid. If you are a commission or salary based employee you would not need any license in any state. If he is paying you as an outside sales agent then you would only need to be registered with the State as a business, very inexpensive. If they would be contracting with you and you would subcontract your friend then you would need to have a roofing license if your state requires one, or a person who is licensed to endorse you. You would also want a new friend as he would be pawning most of the liability onto you.

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I would be an outside sales agent. I’ve registered an LLC and will be getting paid commission on sales. Thank you for your help

You need nothing aside from, perhaps, solicitors permits in the municipalities you’ll be settling in. You’d need to check with those municipalities to determine if they’re needed or not.

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A few years ago, here in Texas, a roofing door to door salesman was shot by the homeowner for knocking on the door. There was a time that knocking on the door was totally safe, other than a dog attack. Now, we live in a world that people are pissed about the doorbell and knocks from solicitors. My neighborhood has signs that say, no soliciting. I spend weekends fending off people trying to save me from hell, Jehovah Witness, Mormons. My water is going to kill me if I don’t buy the filter. Insurance, Windows, …I wouldn’t cold knock a door for any reason. All it takes is one owner that’s had enough and boom. Doesn’t matter that you weren’t doing anything wrong, your shot.


I have knocked on thousands of doors over the years, starting in the late 80s. I can honestly say I used to really enjoy the challenge as it gave me incredible insight into human nature and the hope that came with “every no is closer to a yes”. The changes in sentiment toward door to door solicitation has been staggering and I’ve abandoned this approach for several years now. Part blame may be due to the rampantly aggressive approach being promoted as acceptable but all can be attributed to our changed attitude toward the consumer who is now the “mark”. I’ve had some great conversations with homeowners and surprisingly few hostile encounters because I’ve followed the rules surrounding personal space and knowing when to step away. I quickly learned that expecting to land an immediate sale on the doorstep was unrealistic and was often viewed as predatory by homeowners. Door knocking, for me at least, was the beginning of a long term farming exercise that required patience and strategic “drip marketing” that translated into conversions sometimes spanning several years. The adaptation of this approach has yielded me predictable results without the cyclical anxiety experienced by high pressure door to door salespeople.

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Don’t call us, We’ll call you…


When there is an active need (time frame following a major storm event), door knocking is still effective. When the need is passive (customer is unaware they have a problem or immediate need), door knocking is much less effective. Unless you are in a storm market or the company you’re working for generates some fair amount of leads through Google SEO and ad words, along with Facebook, I think making a living at this time solely from canvassing will be a challenge.

I would try to get some kind of certification such as an inspector certification.

If you were to come to my house and sell me a roof, how would you do it? Do you think I would take your advice because I have no way of knowing if you know anything about roofs.

You’ll make an easier sale when you understand what’s at hand, rather than just making a sale.

You wouldn’t sell somebody on an oil change when they have another 3000 miles to go. And if you got caught doing something like that, it will come back to bite you in the ass.

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