Roofing Sales?

I am thinking about getting into roofing sales, I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the pro’s and con’s of roofing sales. This company mostly deals is storm (hail) damaged roofs. I have been in sales for numerous years and have been a on-the-side roofer for the past 8 years.

Prides territory :wink:

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Well if you need help with it just email me. As far as pros if u can sell you make great money. If you can not then you starve. Just email me and i can send you some things that will help you in your quest. Im pretty good in this department so ill help you. I have helped alot of guys on here with sales and they have had some success with it. Sales is only what you put into it. Easy low paying hard high paying. Depends on how hard you want to work on it. Btw Hey Q how are things going?

goign thru a little slow season… companies are slow and suppliers are knocking doors trying to make the quote… this are always the slow months… everything else is good family ok… tx for asking hope is all good over there

Thanks for the response Pride!! An email has been sent to you.


I have to say Pride can really set you straight. I mean like I said in other posts he has proven to me ways to get the customer’s attention. And he will almost always go out of the way to help. Thanks for everything Pride.

Was wondering if anyone could also throw some info/advice my way. Thanks!

You never responded to the email

IT IS in your best interest to email Kevin back. in the last couple weeks I have sold 4 out 5 jobs right there on the spot. It is because I was doing what Kevin suggested. He has some great information on getting sales closed and that is the bottom line.

Why thank you ski.

No thank you Kevin I went from slow to booked till for July and August with your help. I send you a 20$ when I make a million.

Wow 20 bucks what ever could i do with all that money. Keep it and reinvest into your business. Ever in detroit area well meet and you can buy me a dinner aside from that worry about your company. Oh yea a million is not that hard to make a year gross sales, actually very easy once we get your name out there and with the sales help you should be able to do this next year if you keep hustling. Once you get down what i have taught you so far i have more so keep in touch.

Thanks for the offer,
Please send me what you can about how to get an owners attention
and how to close after he has given me his time.

I sent you an email.

Please email me your tips on selling roofing.
I am going into it too - in the mid-west.

Kenny i have sent you an email. Pride is GTP now. I changed when i left that company. We will need to talk over the phone for more help than what i had sent you in the email.

It is kinda hard for me to help you if you will not return emails or postings.

Help,looking for maintenance and repair leads in pinellas co. Fl.I just lost one job to one of the big roofing co. here in the county.
Maybe it was my sales pitch cause my price was lower than his. :idea:


Maybe they did not think you could handle the job. Or they offered something you did not.

People do not buy price. They buy security.


Im a firm believer in the price is just a number. If they dont trust you then your screwed. Alot of contractors get hung up with price and its really not that big of deal when it comes to trust and value for your money.