Roofing shingle cellophane film back shingle

October 2018 Researching and had enough of this nonsense. What is the purpose of the black shiny strip on the back of the shingle? Manufacturer answer please. If it is adhesive, then the cellophane release film has to be removed for ADHESION, unless it will dissolve. If it has no purpose…STOP ADDING IT TO THE COST OF OUR SHINGLES!!! Understandbly, a film should cover the TAR LINE ON THE TOP OF THE SHINGLES to prevent sticking. On my shingles, the bottom film left in place hasn’t dissolved in 20 years. I know because all shingles blown off by Hurricane Florence have the film strips on the bottom just like NEW. Newer shingles may have a dissolving film, not mine. Shingle Manufacturer, please explain if you use dissolving films? Why put the black shiny strip on the back of the shingle if IT HAS NO PURPOSE???$$$$$

and the film covering the tar line on top of shingle of course would have to be removed…

The plastic film on the back of the shingles is to protect them from sticking together in the package. It does not need to be removed. Shingles are stacked alternately in the packaging and the film in the back of one keeps it from sticking to the back of the one it is pared with.

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This is silly. MPA is correct. Settle down, HFS.

If your shingles blew off it was not due to the presence of the release tape.


If there is a plastic strip on the “bottom” of your shingles over the tar strip then its a manufacturing error (which I have seen once before). As said the one on top just keeps then from sticking together in the package. Post a pic so we can see what you’re talking about.

Edit: when I say top and bottom I am referring to the back side of the shingles. And also if it took 20yrs for your shingles to blow off (during a hurricane) i suspect wasn’t any major issue with the product or the install.