Roofing Shingle Curling?

I am a property manager / investor and the insurance is complaining that one of my rental properties roof shingles are curling and are cancelling the insurance.

The roof was re-roofed in 2010 with permit pulled and everything. Attached are the pictures. Is this roof a problem. And if it is would this be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. I have to look but they are either Owen Corning or GAF shingles.

Updating: Adding photo so can see the house and the 2 different roofs and slopes better.


That is some of the most minor curling i’ve ever seen. Whoever your insurance sent out and determined they shouldn’t cover that roof anymore doesn’t have a clue.

No, the manufacturer won’t do anything about it (they shouldn’t have to in this case).


That presents no functional issues for a long, long time. If ever. I’d cancel the insurance for being morons.


You need to fight this.
Permitted 10 year old roof.
I would raise hell, in person if possible.

Your roof appears fine.
Just because every edge of every shingle is not laying perfectly flat, does not mean your roof is about to fail and should be replaced.
That is ridiculous.

Yard debris will push up edges on 3-tab shingles.
Three tab shingles, because of how flat they are, will show every imperfection in the decking.
And super easy to see any edge “sticking up”

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This is off the issue, but what the heck kind of shingle am I looking at? The top 3 tab is longer than the lower slope.
Another reason not to shingle on the halves. Its just ugly on a low pitch.

Saw that…I was thinking double coverage on the lower slope, 4" exposure. The width on the steep looks like metric or jumbo royal sovereign?

I added photos of the house to my original post as I think the confusion is they combined 2 completely different photos into 1 picture. The photos are not even of the same roof area and used different zoom and so forth.

I’ve only been roofing for 45 years or so. But I’d say there is nothing wrong with those shingles.

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Holy fucc ,almost x2 my age :smiley:

I thought I was nuts… I saw that long 3tab shingle with a transition piece to a lower slope. It looked like the low slope was small. I get it now. 2 photos, together.

There is nothing the manufacturer can do for you. This is an installation issue the shingles are curling due to over heating the next time the roof is replace d you need proper ventilation. I’ve never heard of an insurance company dropping someone for this.

Shingles curling due to poor ventilation is excrement dreamed up by the manufacturers to cover for all the defective organic shingles they made in the late 80’s and into the 90’s.

If a shingle starts to curl excessively it is defective, an unventilated deck is a somewhat normal occurrence that all other shingles handle without issue.

This is not excessive curling at all, a little more than normal but within acceptable range.

In my area the insurance companies have been telling people that have roofs 20 yrs old or older to replace them or lose coverage for close to 5 yrs now.


Axiom is correct.
Its not due to ventilation.
These few tiny bottom corners lifting up
Were destined to do so right out of the package.

Not a reason to replace the roof though.
10 year old permitted roof would be my biggest argument.

These insurance companies are fighting back against the roofing company insurance specialist.
Approaching the home owner first and demanding they replace the roof before the
insurance specialist roofer knocks on their door. Usually homes with roofs that are near 20 years old.
I have replaced one 10 year old roof because of the insurance company told them to.
The reason was they didnt pull a permit.
Roof didnt have a single stain and still looked brand new.