Roofing Sub Rates?

Anyone give me a update on what Roofing Subs are getting on Restoration work -tear-off ECT in Mid West area Thanks for any input

are you looking to sub, or are you a sub yourself?

I need to know the answer before I give my answer. :twisted:


Whatever you can get.

I am looking to Sub work out

What type of work?

Sub out roofing jobs -tear off and reinstall shingles complete jobs in Midwest area

I am working with a window company in Valparaiso Indiana and they sub me most of there roofing work if not all of it if I can get to it in time. They really like the job I do so they figure what I want to make and then bid accordingly. I have a set price per square to tear off and set price per square to shingle and then so much a foot for edge metal and so much a price for felt and ice and water shield and vents and pipe boots. THe best thing to do so that you arent under bidding a company is to find a good roofer and build a relationship with him and find out what he wants to make per square on that job and that has been the best way to do things. I get calls all the time for guys that will tear off for 15 a square and shingle for 15 a square. But when I go out there the siding is all scraped bushes killed its not felted in properly. And they only put on about 2 square all day.


I’d go with you on that. The only time I have ever subbed jobs from people is when they let me bid it to them, and then they add their profit. From the other perspective, being the person that is subbing the work out, you get a crew that knows what theyre getting into when theyre bidding and you dont end up with a lot of headaches. The very few jobs I’ve subbed out, I snapped some pictures of the job and had them bid via email, that way they don’t cut you out by giving them the address.

I still cant get over the price of living difference… how much are houses there, $30,000? 30 dollars a square doesnt even cover the cost of insurance…

I know its tough out here I am never low bidder but I seem to be doing something right since I am busy.

$30 a square? LOL!!!

I do some subbing from time to time from a large restoration company in the North West side of the Twin Cities. I was doing jobs this Summer at $150 a square with Landmarks and two rows of Winterguard but by the end of Summer when the owner asked me to do a roof for his personal friend I went $275 a square with Landmarks. When the homeowner told me, “When Randy said you were the best roofer to do my house I felt very confident in you”. Randy’s personal friend is his main roofing contractor who does around $2 million a year from him. I do all the roofs for one of the 5 estimators, my cousin in law and the friends of Randy’s roofs. Did 3 for Randy and 15 for Jon so far this year with at least 1,000 more squares to do. Other than the main roofer I’m the only other roofer to do work for Superior in the 15 years they’ve been in business. Jon really had to pull some strings to get me in and now Randy knows how I run things and has 100% confidence in me. The main roofer runs two crews of Mexicans I run my own crew of friends and family.

My price per square subbing from them with all materials, dump trailer, etc, minus the permit starts are around $200 a square.

On my own insurance work I’m getting $315 to $450 a square 4/12’s-8/12’s.

I know subbing isn’t the best but never have to worry about getting paid from Randy and work will be there for as long as I’m a roofer.

Do sub some work from other people but always on my terms and my lumber yard and my prices. Quality does come with a higher price guys, come on now!!! Plus we’re all white.

Funny thing…they are selling jobs here in Chicagoland for 150 a square tear off and re-roof with 30 year Tlines, ice barrier, ridge vent.

I do not even waste my time on them anymore.

I say, “If your looking for the lowest bid, good luck”. What I really want to say is, “You must not care about your biggest investment of your life and want the most lowest educated “roofers” putting on the most important covering on your house”.

Sad thing is even the “high bidders” can sub to the same people that do hack jobs every day.

And alot of the high bidders do sub the the 30 a square hacks. Where in the midwest is your work located at? I can give you an idea on my prices and see some of my work and if you are interested maybe we could do some business if you are close to me.

I dont think i would get out of bed for 30 a square. Doug your right aboout that. But in this world of walmart and places like that we and I mean all of us are trying to get things cheaper for the same quality. So you can not blame them when they want to go cheap.If you dont educate the consumer then they will never know any better. Some will not respond to this but hey you tried and nothing to you is lost.

Couldn’t agree more w/ the whole “most important investment…” rhetoric, but nobody can honestly blame people for being value/cost conscious (WALMART) in today’s “inflation-Cost of Living increasing faster than earnings” economies.

I couldnt agree more…that is why it is the smarter move to utilize your labor for installation of the longest lasting roofing you can have installed, since labor is about 40-50% of the job cost. This is where you want to put your hard earned dollars…into high quality materials to last a lifetime.

And everytime the neighbors go to theillegals/uninsured lowballer /jacklegs, it hurts all of us a little more and puts us all a little farther behind.

Recently did a roof in Northfield. The neighbor of the house I roofed told me today that the other neighbors house just got roofed. A couple days after it was roofed another dumpster was brought to the driveway and another load of materials. Reason for the tear off again was poor installation.

When the storm chasers come the quality gets low.