Roofing Training and Education

How many of you guys are aware of the NRCA and NCCER collaboration on the new Trades Schools Accredited Roofing program?

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Not aware at all. Guess they should post here!

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Yes I received an email one day this week from NRCA that mentioned it in a newsletter

I agree and that is why I am posting it here.

The NRCA and NCCER are working to revise the accredited Roofing Level One and Two programs.

Our group is offering certified craft trainer training, and assisting contractors and manufacturers in setting up their own recruiting and training program.

If you want to know more I can be found here Henry (Level 1 thermographer OSHA authorized trainer) Staggs, RRO | LinkedIn

You can also email me at

Our objective is to elevate roofing as a preferred trade. And provide all the training and tools needed to enter and succeed in the roofing industry.

That is good to know.

If you are interested our group is doing the train the trainer courses, and assisting contractors who want to develop their own program. The way we do it, you can offer the same curriculum for full credit too. Your students would have the same credentials as any student from any trade school.

Email me at if you want to know more.

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