Roofing vs. siding, etc

I’m a homeowner planning on replacing the siding & roofing (complete tear off) on my house next Spring. I’m thinking of doing the siding first to avoid the possibility of damage to new shingles (probably CertainTeed Landmark) by the siding crew. They will have to stand on portions of the roof to do some of the siding. If flashing replacement is required in some areas, can it be satisfactorily installed by the roofing contractor under the new siding? Are these valid concerns or should they not be a problem? I will request installation of an ice & water shield type underlayment due to the climate here in South Dakota. Would you recommend using it on the whole roof (would that be overkill?) or just in the normal / critical areas with felt or something on the rest?
I really appreciate the value of forums like these. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Of course it should be a concern, in fact, that is one of the smartest questions you could have asked.

This is always an issue when tearing off roof-to-sidewall areas. If youre doing them both, do them at the same time so that your roofer and your sider can coordinate the work.

You are correct that the shingles could get damaged from doing the siding, but your siding could get damaged while doing the roof also.

Together is the absolute best time to do them.

Thank you for your help - it sounds good to me. Do you have any thoughts about the underlayment?


Roof first

If you can’t coordinate the two, roof first, but have the roofer leave planks for the siders to stand on while working.

Ice and water shield is only necessary if you expect an ice backup problem.

Do you expect ice and water to backup in the middle of your roof? :smiley:

Thanks, but could you explain why do the roof first? What do you think about the underlayment?

I dont think that if I was the roofer, I would leave anything set up for anyone to stand on…not with the litigous nature of our society. NO way.

The code of most of the cities here in indiana call for 24 inches within the exterior wall so the first row is ice and water shield. Felt on the rest of the house that is what code calls for and I haven’t had any problems with it yet. The only time I have put ice and water shield on the whole house is if the pitch is less than a 4/12. And there I don’t like to put shingles under a 4/12 anyway.


The siding lays on top of the shingles. Flashing is behind the siding. If the shingles are thicker you will not get them under the siding. Lots of reasons.

If you do not trust the siding guys to take care of the roof. Find someone who will.

Thank you all for the advice. Hopefully I can now talk intelligently to the contractors. This is an excellent forum that is a valuable resource to the homeowner trying to make an informed decision.

I agree with what has been said. Doing the roof first really is the oly way to get the roof done right. Best case would be to have the siding removed then roof then put the new siding up. Alot easier when done that way.

Like gtp stated, ideally you would like to remove the existing siding, then replace the roofing before installation of new siding. The primary reason you want to do this is to allow the roofing contractor to install their flashings and counterflashings before the new siding is installed. Assuming there are places where the new roof flashings are counterflashed by the siding, you will want the roofer to install a two-piece counterflashing with the receiver installed prior to the siding. That way the siding will counterflash the receiver and when the roof is replaced next time you won’t have to remove the siding where the roof extends behind it.

Hope I made myself clear and that you were able to follow what I was trying to say.

As a homeowner willing to pay for quality work, I really appreciate professionals like you guys taking the time to help me. With your advice, I feel that I will be able to deal intelligently and fairly with the contractors I hire. Selecting those contractors will also be much easier after reading advice on that subject elsewhere in this forum. Thanks again.

Do the siding first and have your roofer tape up plastic over the siding were it meets up against the house. Did this a few times and it works good.