Ineed roofs!! boston north

Call a Roofer :smiley:

I think he is looking for work john. Good luck with that.

Who could refuse to hire a guy with such an intelligent sales pitch? I’m tempted to mail bomb that addy…

I couldn’t tell what he was asking for,Ineed roofs!!

are you looking for work or need a new roof?

LOL !!

Im looking for my mind anyone see it around here?

good luck finding a job i live in mass and work is slow up here

There is no better roofer than me!! I’ll out roof anybody! When you have companies like ac castle you know why looks the best and is the best

ROFLMAO! :mrgreen:

Well he certainly showed us.

With that talent, I will pay all expenses and room and board to get on over to Chicago and show us how its done.

Why aren’t you currently working?


He specializes in gum lips.LOL :shock:


OMFG after Chicago can you come to AK and teach us also? PUUUULEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEE.


Its a bird …

its a plane…

Its super roofer!!!

What is the name of your book?

Had a guy tell me he was a master journeymen and he was only 30 yrs old first of never heard of such of a thing and i was a journeymen roofer for over 20 yrs.Till i went on my own.

his book??? why, roofing with dummies of course :smiley:

Not necessarily a dummy, but thinks he knows more than everybody else.

Young and dumb and full of xxx