Roofinr remove peel & stick

PLEASE HELP // How Do i remove my peel & stick Shingles?

Are you talking about the plastic clear strip on back of shingle you do not remove it is there only to keep shingle from sticking to each other while they are in the bundle they off set each other when you install them on the roof .

if it isn’t what John was talking about could you mean a roll roofing product for a low pitch or flat roof? If so there there should be a layer of underlayment between the wood deck and the and the peel and stick and it’s just a matter of getting underneath the the bottem layer of felt to start removing. If it was applied directly to the deck without underlayment you may have to remove the decking depending on how well it’s bonded with the wood or if you have a lot of time you can chip and scrape it off the wood

That has to be a joke.,.,.,.But just for the sake of not knowing for sure I will bite.

No need to remove the seal strips on the back of individual shingles.If you are using Moisture Guard,then yes the film on the back is removed.

If you are using the Peel and stick style roll,then yes the film is removed,make sure you remove it after it is rolled out instead of before.,When using these peel and stick styles I HIGHLY recommend using the same manufacture base sheet.

Be smart and fasten the product with simplex nails(Base sheet) and NOT staples.That is if you want the material to withstand some higher winds.If not use staples,some people do it and the first severe storm the roof might be in the neighbors yard.

Or a few streets down,somewhere it should not be has the highest probability.