RoofMaxx - legit reason to do this?

I saw an ad for RoofMaxx recently - a service that claims to lengthen the life of an asphalt shingle roof by maybe 5 years by spraying some oil on it I believe. - they do it at the 8-10 year point. Is the reasoning legit, and is it worth doing?

Never heard of it but after checking out that site…


Furthermore to your reply, it seems the product is made out of soy. If you look at what soy has done to our society I’d be reluctant to have it do that to my shingles as well. I’d wonder whether the shingles would actually last another 5 years or simply just feel entitled to last another 5 years without really doing anything. Hehe.


Too funny - I live in SoCal, transitioned to vegan almost 3 years ago, and just had some tofu curry tonight :slight_smile:
I also work in tech for a K-12 school district. Another source of angst for many because of my pension. And I’m semi-retiring end of this month.
But I’ve never felt entitled, often work on weekends, holidays and vacations, without putting in overtime, for the past 27 years. And at lower pay than I could have gotten in the private sector.
I’m probably not the typical public Union worker, though, to say the least.

So the humor is not lost on me, and I appreciate the banter.

But if less soy is the answer, you might be asking the wrong questions.

This seems like a “current social values” pitch exploiting the prevalent trend toward environmental issues. Without the HISTORICAL data supporting their claims, it’s a hunch you risk getting sucked into every 5 years at approximately $2000 per visit backed by a warranty that seems rather thin. It’s a clever “idea” but there have been many clever ideas in recent years that have never provided enduring value.

It also appears a to be a “direct to consumer” product with no apparent mention of commercial project application. In roofing, it is generally the commercial applicators you trust to make dispassionate decisions about product and/or systems. They tend to make much smarter value driven decisions than your average consumer.

If their pitch aligns with your values, then the lion’s share of the value you should expect might be in their mission statement more so than the outcome.

Leave it to say, the current social trends cannot help but make us data driven skeptics appear anything but cynical in the eyes of those with heightened ideals.

Good luck

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Agreed on that.

I’m coming up on 58, so with a roof that may likely last 20 years as is, it’s probably likely to outlast me anyway.

Well their website seems to be 100% marketing, I couldn’t find a product data sheet. That is a short technical document which says what the product is, what it does, what the application rate is, what testing or ASTM approvals it has, etc. That sheet is required for any commercial application with architects or engineers involved.

Their claim about adding 5 years of life to a 8-10 year old roof is dubious at best. Roof life depends on a lot of factors and can be pretty highly variable. I have seen 3 tab shingles that are 40 years old and still keeping the building dry even though they are curled and brittle, and I have seen 15 year dimensional shingles which are falling apart and causing leaks. Slope, traffic, penetrations, tree cover, storm events, building orientation, ventilation, installation quality all effect the life of your roof.

At 8-10 years old any well installed shingle in any part of the US will last at least 5 more years.

What I find very odd is that in general oil is advised to be kept away from asphalt based products since asphalt will dissolve in oil. This is why they use mayonnaise to remove hot asphalt on people with serious asphalt burns. Soybean oil is the main ingredient in most mayonnaise now.

What I suspect may be actually happening is the oil cleans the granules and draws out asphalt from the middle and bottom of the shingle to the top, giving it a rejuvenated appearance but not actually restoring anything.

The oil also probably softens the shingles which will reduce brittleness, but the softness comes from dissolving the asphalt and not by adding missing oils back. Fact is that as the sun heats the shingles the asphalt slowly hardens and wears away. The treated shingles may even lose asphalt faster after treatment since the asphalt will have had the bonds broken and be partially dissolved.

One thing people mistake and this product website does too is that shingles have never been waterproof. If you cup a shingle and put water in the cup it will eventually get thru the shingle. The way shingles work is by being water resistant enough to shed water by the shingled installation. This product won’t change the waterproofing of shingles because they weren’t technically waterproof to begin with. I guarantee this product wouldn’t stop a leak.