RoofSnap.... Pretty Damn Cool compared to Eagle View

So I came across this software called RoofSnap. You may or may already know about it. It’s a software that can be downloaded to your Ipad. Download the App and you are ready to go. Punch in the address of the house you want to measure and it will bring up aerial views. You then can get to drawing the lines on your ipad, mark the eaves, pitches, valleys etc… then it will calculate for you. We just drew up a house yesterday that we came up with 31.88 squares. The drawing I did in about 20 minutes (I did it over several times for practice) on RoofSnap was 32.12. It costs $10 a drawing but much less than eagleview especially if you have commercial or big roofs involved and there is no waiting. I attached some pictures of what it sort of looks like from the one I jut did. I had fun with it. Redid the roof several times and was ever only off by half a square at the most. And no, I have no affiliation with these guys. Just thought was cool software.

I’m glad people are developing software to rival Eagleview’s “service.”

The only data you need to measure the surface area of a roof from a clear satellite image is a key showing distance (“scale”) that can easily be applied to each edge, and the pitch/s. It’s straight geometry. But Eagleview made it out to be some sort of hyper-technological witchcraft, charging 75 dollars (or whatever it is) for them to cast their future-tech voodoo magicks and return in 24 hours with an answer (which was always incorrect).

Good for the creators of RoofSnap; I hope they prosper.

Although I think it would make more sense, both financially and logically, to just sell the product at a one-time-cost option, say 300 to 500 dollars to purchase a full user license, where you can then use the product for as much addresses and as many times as you wish, instead of following Eagleview’s “pay-per-roof” method.

This is really cool. 8)

Eagleview avg about $45 each, we use it all the time. If I’m paying $10 anyway plus 20-30mins to draw…calculate… honestly my time is valuable enough where I’d rather just pay the extra $35 and have it done for me. People bitch about Eagleview all the time but they are accurate more than they are wrong in my experience and we use them aprox 50-60 times a year. If you’re going to do an estimate off an Eagleview without visiting the job site then yes, you’re going to get burned. I find that Eagleview + common sense = money well spent.

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I probably should have mentioned I’ve never actually used Eagleview, and I probably won’t use this RoofSnap program; I’ve always just used a tape measure. I was bitching about them based on info I’d heard from people in my company. I’ve never used them because of that, assuming that I would have to check again anyways myself just to be sure. That combined with the price I’d heard quoted, as well as the fact that they felt comfortable in the knowledge that they had a monopoly (especially since teaming up with Pictometry) on a service that I knew wasn’t so extremely complex such as to warrant that sense of laid-back comfort, well… let’s just say it made me feel a bit happy to hear that they now have to keep on their toes. That may just be my natural inclination to root for the underdog, however.

But to each his own, and if it works for you, then no need to stop doing it.

Eagleview needs some competition so I’m glad there are people out there trying to make it happen. With that said this $10 tool is damn convenient for bidding a job but I’d still get an eagleview done if we actually got the job which is where the money is well spent. Its faster and easier than spending all that time measuring up a roof if you don’t have to. This roof took me all of 5 minutes to do. The 20-30 minutes was doing several times to see if the numbers came out different. Just food for thought. :slight_smile:

Just get a subscription to pictometry. If you want the fancy 3d stuff and all that get RoofLogic/RoofCad also.

Then you can do your own measurements with instant results that are just as accurate as EV.

Eagleview is in of competition, and I appreciate the source!

Or…Just use Google Earth for free…

is there a turn key alternative to eagle view. I loved pictometry/geoestimator and HATE eagle view

I know Google Maps has a measurement tool, but I haven’t been able to use it with Google Earth. The angles are much less than ideal to say the least with just the satellite view. Is there something I’m missing? I have considered trying EV, but wasn’t sure if the cost per drawing was justifiable.

The cost would be acceptable if they would allow buyers input on pitches and reference lines like geoestimator did. They are too wrong too often and offer 0 help

Hi Everyone, I’m one of the founders of RoofSnap, so my opinion will clearly be a bit biased :smiley: I’ll try to add some info to this discussion without sounding too much like a salesman. I would like to mention that our measurements are very accurate when done correctly & we pride ourselves on offering GREAT customer support. You can send your projects to us at any time for free help or review.

We also have a new iPad app out called ProSketch. It’s subscription based & has a lot of new features compared to our older RS Sketch app that’s referenced in this post. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial at our website. (It’s roofsnap(dot)com, they won’t let me post a link since it’s too spamy)

Limited subscriptions start at $29/mo & unlimited subscriptions are just $99/mo. You can also easily enter the pitch of the roof & reference lines are available in the current version of ProSketch. (Just draw a line & leave it unlabeled.)

Feel free to call us any time at 877-ROOFSNAP or email us at support(at)roofsnap(dot)com if you have any questions.

I sent a link to the boss man to see what he thinks, we use Eagleview right now, no issue with it but it wouldn’t hurt to send an alternate product for his thoughts.

You guys should try SkyTek Imaging. Prices lower than Eagleview, Theyve been around just as long as Eagleview. they offer Free weather reports on their Website and I always get reports within 24 hours or less. They have a great weather reporting page on their site that shows hail and wind reports with exact locations. Most companies charge for that service, they offer it for free. you should check them out

besides Eagleview. What else is out there were you can enter the address hit the cursor and they give you back the measurements will you don’t have to do it yourself. Google earth is great I roofing is great, but you have to measure it yourself what are you doing the trees are in the way or there’s something you can’t see? E View is the only thing I can find that you can hit the cursor on the house and they give you a print out. How do you spent a lot of money last year and I’m looking for an alternative if anybody knows of it please let me know

Eagleview has Connect Explorer now which is the Pictometry replacement. Still get the oblique imagery and all the other features. Been using Pictometry/Connect Explorer for 10 years now. The best kept secret out there for easy to see roofs, Scribblemaps. Amazing toolset and the price is cheap like borscht!

Free Roofing Software - Measurements, Estimates, Quotes | Roofr These guys hooked me up with a large commercial drawing that would have taken me all day. Eagleview kept adding charges…

I’ll second roofr. They’re much cheaper than EagleView and Hover and I’ve found them to be as accurate.

We use Hover and have for two years now. Used Roofsnap before.