Rotted Fascia - roofers procedures?

OK… well my husband and I are buying our first house. My Dad is a carpenter and I know a lil about some things… enough to get by, but not enough to be dangerous :wink:

So we went yesterday and had our inspection. The inspector noticed some rotted fascia. Ok… quite a bit of it. A new roof was recently installed in Sept. 2006. Brand new right…

well they left all the rotted fascia… and my questions is…

**is it custom or procedure for roofers to replace the fascia they notice is rotted? **(on top of it being rotted it is pressboard, and wasn’t painted and sealed properly. it’s an old house and I expect some minor problems with this house.) I don’t mind replacing the fascia myself… it’s a snap to do, but I want to know if I can call the roofer when we get the transferrable warranty and ask them to come and replace the fascia.

I do not know what standard roofing etiquette is, but my Dad does roofs… all the time… and he said he always replaces the fascia is he sees it is bad shape… I’m rambling now, but its frustrating… they messed up a couple other things that I cant prove, but it had to have been the roofers… so I’m a little peeved… just want an answer before I go insane…

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help…

The fascia wouldn’t be covered in a warranty for a roof. Maybe the roofer offered the fascias for the time plus materials and the customer denied. Maybe he doesn’t have the tools for replacing the fascias (some people are just not talented with a circular saw and need those fancy $600 sliding compound miter saws to do anything other than roof boards). Maybe he had a schedule to keep and didn’t want to start digging to find all rotted rafter ends and have to replace all those. You can go all day with this since water runs down. Should he have to replace the soffits since they are rotted. Then the water got behind the cedar shingles, so lets replace all those. Then the water rotted out the sill, so lets jack the house up and replace the sill… too complicated for me. I would have done fascias if the customer wanted to pay for them, but every time I get into carpentry beyond that I lose money because I don’t do it everyday and I always think its going to be quick and easy and it never is. Hope this helps.

I kind of figured as much… but he replaced the rafters and everything… Just not the fascia…

I called the roofing company " as a potential customer" and asked them about their policy. He said if they see rotted fascia they replace it for an extra cost. Generally if it is lots of it they recommend a carpenter come out and replace it for you.

Frustrating, but what can you do huh??

See the other frustrating thing is they broke off the PVC pipe that vents the air from the master. Instead of detaching it, putting the roof in, cutting the hole, and replacing the pipe to vent outside … they broke the pipe down and it now vents into the attic… so now I need to get someone to come and fix that one for me too… Im a little peeved. They also “accidentally” disconnected the water heater vent pipe and didn’t put it back in its slot. Dangerous to leave like that, so yesterday on our inspection I went back to the garage and slid it back in… not hard to do, I think the roofer just didn’t care. Bad contractors…

We’ll manage to fix all the little stuff… just wanted an opinion… thanks for the info…

I hear ya on the miter… would be easy to pull out a Skil Saw and just go at it… which is what I’ll be doing when we move in… not a hard job and I can manage it… I’ll have my Dad driving 4 1/2 hours as well to help repair some other things at the same time…

Those are all negotiable items for you and the seller to deal with before closing. You have no contract or real leverage with the roofer, transferable warranty or not. I wouldn’t think you would want the roofer back.

Well, I know this…when things do not get replaced, like fascia along with the roof, it is usually the payer that declines having the work done. The roofer would have no reason not to do the work if it was requested, but the fascia work is not generally part of our roof replacement procedure.

As far as the other items, they should have been able to work around the PVC pipe without damage, and the gas vent is unexcusable, whoever did it.

Does this mean the contractor was bad? Could it mean his employees slacked off without him knowing? If the owner talks to the roofing contractor, there may be a good possibility of getting everything sorted out and see who is responsible for what.

Lots of possibilites here, and we have no facts other than the damages.

Those sliding compound miterssure are nice for back-cutting the fascia butts and having perfect joints.

I really don’t want to hire the same people back, and it’s not gonna take much to fix it… all this is more frustration at this point. My Dad has the knowledge and the tools to make the hole through the roof, make sure it gets sealed after putting the pipe back through… nothing is really that expensive… if nothing else I will be calling the roofer to let him know how poorly the job was done by his contractors.

There was a lot of pics of the roof before and after… The pipe shows in the before, and it is not there in the after pics… so that is proof to an extent. (Just got the pics and the info on the warranty this afternoon)

No matter what happens I will at least have my opinions heard…

As a new homeowner, I know what you’re going through right now. It’s more the hassles and headaches of closing on a house that frustrates you, then moving, finding places for everything… trust me, you are going to find all kinds of mickey mouse things in the house over the next few months that you didnt catch before and just scratch your head… the guy I bought my house from was a self employed plumber and he built a beautiful marble bathroom with a jacuzzi in the basement that I enjoy and he did a great job… then I find a bunch of stupid things around the house. Doors were falling off the hinges and ruining floors that could’ve just used a couple of longer screws, shed doors wouldnt shut so he put a gutter over them to keep the rain out, took me two seconds with a Sawzall and fixed it. Stupid little things. The worse thing was when I got my first $600 a month heating bill… now I know why I saved him from foreclosure. Poorly installed windows, insulation only where visible, no weather stripping on doors… natural gas is expensive and I cut my bill in half since I bought it.

were im at its the norm to replace rotted fasha.
its possible the new roof leaked and rotted the fasha.
so i would have a good roofer do the fasha and he/she will be able to let you know if the roof is leaking at the edge now and be able to fix it.
if the roof edge is leaking than the new fasha, you put up, will rott out in no time again.
good luck.


NOrmally the fascia is not replaced when the roof is done unless the customer wants the work done. It is the smart way to go when the roof is being done but some people dont like the price of 8 dollars a foot when there is a gutter and some aluminum in front of it. My bet is if the fascia is rotten there is more damages hiding behind it. I would get on this soon as possible to see if there is a leak. It is possible but unlikely since it is a new roof. Odds are the damages are from the old roof.

down here its fasha up. dont do sophit down.
if someone spendin 5000 for new roof.
then they spend 5500 for new roof and fasha.

comin back to replace fasha after new roof, is just doin it the hard way, in my opion.


I agree with that gweedo but many people dont want to spend the extra for some reason. SOme do but many dont.