Round roof drip edge

We have an 18 ft diameter newly constructed roof. We are going to apply asphalt shingles, we are looking for a drip edge product that can conform to a round roof.
Or any suggestions as to what we might do to form a nice drip edge that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing or correct.
Any help will be appreciated.

There are several tricks to make regular drip edge or any edge metal conform to a radius, it depends on what type of round or arch you are talking. A simple one all you have to do is notch the flange. on an arch a good trick is a pair of downspout crimpers and notch the face and fold gently over the curve.


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are you a college graduate?

A sheet metal shop can custom make this drip edge for you, this is usually the nicest option but also the most expensive.
As mentioned above there are ways to make regular drip edge fit the curve.

shop work is really only needed if your making a round gutter or cornice. drip edge or gravel stop can usually be fitted in the field for most curves.

Do what RJ said or make the edging out of copper and use a bender and stretcher to form your radius.

if your not doing a gutter you can skip edge metal.

you can stack out the fascia with a flexible synthetic moulding or 1 by trim and give the shingles a little extra overhang.

i like the sound of T. Monkies bending and stretching though.

i like the sound of T. Monkies bending and stretching though.[/quote]

That would be one of the right ways…