Rubber boot for septic vent pipe

I am trying to decide between two roofers, both Certainteed, one pricier than the other. The question is whether I need a rubber boot on the septic vent pipe that comes through the roof. The cheaper one said nothing about needing a boot - just talked about flashing. The pricey one said I not only need a boot, but that I need an extra tall boot because there is some kind of joint in the pipe about 6" above the roof. What do you guys recommend.

It sounds like they both might be talking about the same thing.

There are two types of common “stink” vent pipes running through roofs. PVC is one type common since the 70’s or 80’s and prior to that it was steel or some other type of metal.

With the new style PVC pipes you can either install a flexible or hard plastic, aluminum, or galvanized one piece vent, and I’m sure copper or? But they all will have a rubber seal for the pipe.

With the old style pipe you have to use a two piece plumbing vent to cover up the pipe, no rubber boot with this style.

If it sounds like there’s a joint or “knuckle” (also indicates it’s the old style) in the pipe above the roof an oversided two piece vent will be needed.

For that extra nice look make sure which ever roofer you use paint the vents to match the air vents. Personally I think all shiny Restoleum black looks best, since they match the exhuast vents.

Unless I’m doing a job for a real estate / property management co. that hires me from time to time (they don’t even want to pay the add’l $ 4.50 to move up in quality) I only use lead jacks.

For extra tall steel pipes, I often take a 2nd lead jack of similar size & ‘donate’ it to the cause. If it’s PVC then I trim the stack to the correct height.

& I always paint the lead jacks a matching color. Well, other than for that real estate co - they don’t want to spend for paint, either.

It’s an old fashioned “soil pipe”, probably of cast iron, with a knuckle about 6" above the roof.

Tough one for sure.

i run into the old cast iron knuckles all the time.
just bust the damn thing off down to were you can fold a lead boot flashin on it and be done. if ya dont like bustin the knuckle then get ya a 4" di grinder , and cutt it off.
either way this should not even be a thought of cocern for the merest
of mortal roofers.


p.s. and it better not be a pvc pipe either.
ill be hot we’re even talkin bout it.

Only problem I see is that our pipes have to be 12" above the roof.