Rubber Roof 12Sq Boston

Hey who wants to quote a 12 sq. epdm go over in Dorchester Ma.

1.50 a square foot

I’ll go to Dorchester (legally packing some heat).

1.50 a foot? Youre kidding, right?

what then heck planet are you on :shock:

try more like at least 5.50 sq ft…and to make it worth your time to go there and set up your equipment and cover expenses, this job is too small to price by the sq/ft. you just need to give a price of what it would cost you to do the job and make money.

i agree w/aaron &marshall :wink:

Maybee thats why he has a broken ladder.

yeah,can`t afford a good one at those prices,hopefully he was kidding :slight_smile: