Rubber roof - ice dams - heating wire

Thank you in advance for your advice. I have a gutter that has been ripped off the edge of the roof two years running by ice dams. The roof is rubber. What adhesive can I use to adhere a heating wire to the roof? I don’t want to use a fastener that would puncture the rubber.


How is an ice dam on the roof ripping gutter off?

is the wieght of the ice in the ggutter causing the problem or freezing behind it and forcing the gutter out?

Actually the answer is the same for both, run your heat tape thru the gutter and all the way out the downspout, that should keep a drain channel open so it doesn’t back up so much. Putting heat tape on a flat roof wouldn’t do much good unless you have somewhere the melt water can drain to

I cant give advice for flat roof . Pic??? In one place ice thaws and in other grow even more.

id get rid of the gutter,thats the problem.if drainage is a issue,install a diverter.waterblock or watercutoff the nailflange on a pcs.of 3x3 edgemetal,screw it down real good,& strip it in w/ps4020(rocket tape)dont go w/icemelt cables ive never seen them work for anyone.

The roof has a shallow pitch. The ice builds up in the gutter, and spreads to the roof. With the cycle of thawing and refreezing, it gets larger. The first winter, the ice yanked the gutter right to the ground. In the second winter I had repaired the gutter and added extra brackets. This time the ice ripped open the seam. It being the middle of winter in Boston, I could not properly install the wires. I did get them through the gutter and down the downspout which helped but created a frozen water fall right over the gutter. I did not attach the wire in a zig zag pattern on the rubber roof. This is what I want to do thus the question about adhesives.

doverwood, i know all about it.i live in s.nh & primarily work in get rid of the gutters, try it for a winter atleast.what was your question about adhedsives?to hold the icemelt cable? i use small strips of ps4020(peel n stick)make sure you clean the rubber w/ weathered membrane cleaner & quickprime the area after the cleaner drys.

Where can I get PS4020?

You may want to look into better insulation, see if it stops the massive amounts of ice from forming in the first place.

dov bud, you can get it @ beacon in somerville, admiral in wilmington, or monahans in beverly.or bradco in chelmsford or woburn, heritage in malden too.

dov, just use like 1x6 or 1x5 strips. you need any help just get ahold of me.