Rubber roofing tearing

I am a small GC and am completing a project where existing construction meets an new addition. The roof is flat and the building is a shaped as a rectangle. The problem is where the new addition meets the existing home the rubber has torn open around 1/8" from side to side (around 15’) Is this a huge concern or just normal settling of the home.

thanks for the help

I’d like to see pics. From what you said it sounds like the edition is new. It shouldn’t have had time to settle enough where it tore the roof, that’s crazy. Sounds more like bad framing than bad roofing but it’s all speculation till you post some pics.

This is nothing to be too concerned about just have it patched by the most reputable epdm pro in your city. This happens around the perimeters usually. When installed the roofer must NOT have any bridging and the membrane needs to be glued in tight, pushed in by hand, and rolled with a neoprene roller handtool. This goes for the patch as well. This will make it last longer but is still one of the first parts to go and even faster in extreme weather changes.


Bet is is not a rubber roof.

I agree Lefty.

yepper. me too!!!