Running a Sales/Referal Business and subbing out everything

Hi. I believe myself to be a very good salesman but more importantly I believe that I have some very strong methods of drawing in potential customers that I have not seen or heard anyone else use. These are actually quite unique. I am also very good with the internet and SEO. My results have been very strong.

I would like to start a company where I bring work in and then sub it out. I would then pay the subcontractor with a 1099 and it would be his job to pull the permit, tear off and install and take care of the dump. I would of course be liable to the homeowner should the subcontractor screw up. This is essentially the same format used at Lowes where people go there and buy a sink and a subcontractor chosen by Lowes comes by and installs it.

What are the pros and cons of running a roofing business this way? I do not have enough knowledge or experience of roofing to attempt to run my own crews.

Storm Chasers take an office fee (10% of roof price) and offer a 60/40% split of the remaining profits of the roof with their salesman and they many of these companies just go ahead and sub out the work anyways, so the salesman is essentially paying them to call the subcontractor instead of just calling the sub contractor himself.

Many companies essentially operate this way although I don’t know about the 60/40 split. I don’t know if the company can have the contract and then rely on the sub to pull the permit however. If they’re not checking very close, should be okay. But many municipalities require the requester of the permit to provide them with a copy of the contract.