Rustic black vs moire and charcoal

I have a brick home and due to tornado
Must get a new roof
Original roof was weather wood … too light!
So question one
Does rustic black Tamko come in HD?
Is certaintee charcoal
that much darker than moire?

And lastly what dimensions options does certainteed offer. I don’t want HD because I’m afraid it may look too busy …thoughts please


Much of the technical information can be fetched from the manufacturer’s websites. If you contact the local wholesale supplier who deals in these specific products, they might be willing to provide you with addresses where these colors have been installed or they may have color boards and/or physical shingle samples of each desired product/color available for you to view.



Good luck.

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I would look into IKO Dynasty. The Appalachian and Cornerstone are two colors that have some really nice curb appeal and it’s a decent shingle as well. Scores okay amongst top brands. Others may disagree but you know how opinions are. It seems as though you’re doing your due diligence so a Google of top shingles will give you most of the answers you will need. As will this forum. I hope that helps.

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Ty so much for the above comments
I appreciate your input