S.p.f. then and now

hey everyone,
i ran across this old picture of an spf roof, done about 1990, and wanted to put it with a picture of todays spf to show how far this product has come along.
my hat goes of to all the pioneers who have brought this product to what it is today.





Hate to bust yer bubble, gweedo, but they have always been able to put an SPF roof on like the second and third pics, well, since the 1960’s, anyways.

Pic one, the installer sucked. Plain and simple.

well when ya get a chance post some pics of those 30 year old foam roof
that are as flat as you say.
ide like to see em.
i have yet to see any 30 year old foam roofs pictures let alone pretty ones. i just think as a whole ,spfs roofs are lookin better theese days.


those two fellas holdin da hose jus bugs da crap outta me

Yeah, gweedo, the spf hasnt changed in all that time, as I understand it, except for the enviro-friendly blowing agents.

The NRF even did a study on many foam roofs in many different locales, and they have determined SPF to have an indefinite life cycle. Of course, it has to be properly prepared, proprtioned, applied and maintained.

The first pic looks like it may have been applied to a cold heat-sink substrate, producing an uneven reaction and cure.

Roofboss, if you ever spray anything, it pisses you off more to have to stop and move that freakin hose just when you get movin’. :slight_smile: The foam hoses are freakin heavy.

Just equate the two guys holding the hose with the two guys you have pushing the pitch lugger across the roof. :mrgreen:

you never push a lugger you pull it! you never get any hot on you that way. if i ever see two guys luggin hot i will have my size 18 1/2 boot up their asses.besides i use the 60 gallon luggers on trailers that are pulled by 4 wheelers.

Okay, I meant pull. And yes, it is nice when you can use 4 wheelers to pull the luggers. Well, it is nice until you have some idiot drive one off the roof. We had that happen to the company I worked for when we put the roof on Nissan in Smyrna, TN. The worker jumped off in time, but the 4 wheeler and lugger went off the roof.

18 1/2 … :shock:

i dont think roofboss likes foam.
like it or not.
it is keepin the water out for 10+ years unmaintenanced.
and 5 men install 50 sq a day.
yes we will allways need a tough system ( hot, torch, metal), for roofs
that see alot of wear and tear.
but foam is finally lookin good enough and lasting long enough to
cut deeply into the future roofing market.


Besides, its tiring dragging that monster hose around all day.