Sales help

I am currently building a website for sales help and will not be giving any thru my email for the time being. Please respect my wishes and when the sites done i will link it to my persona here so you guys can go there and get some teaching on sales. I currently can not handle the amount of people that email me that are stormers and im sure i said i do not do that. To be honest to many people ruined my free help from this site. I just well gave up on helping for those and there were many that just wanted a quick fix or try and get a small edge on whatever it is they are doing. Example i sold cars can i sell roofs, um no selling a payment and selling for 5k right now is a totally different ballgame. Im sorry it has come to this but i can not do it anymore. I had a guy threatin me because i was not fast enough. I dont need that type of bs when i have been a upstanding member of this site for many years longer than it states longs story

I am truly sorry it has come to this but i can not do it anymore for free. it consumes to much time. And alot of what i have, nothing anyone has seen from this site is well worth alot. I gave basic sales advise and most people never responded or just asked if i could help them neverminding the questions i stated about 100 times i wanted filled out before i would help. If the site owners want to boot me for this whatever. I helped and sold jobs thru this site since 2004 or 2005 i forget, had 2 names at 1 time since i was well vp at the company and had that companies name running 90 percent of the time. When the website is done i will gladly help anyone who really wants to learn steep slope roofing sales from the ground up. All questions for the first level already have been redone and well its alot more intense. I am almost done with stage 2. ah it doesnt matter i got something to do. i said my peace go ahead kill my thread bash me whatever. All i know is in my heart im a good man that has helped people and well

I want the people that repected my way of doing it are not at fault. The people that did not understand what i was saying or just didnt read the entire post are the ones who ruined my help. Like i said im building a website for sales help to keep it away from here. god speed to every one.