Sales manager pay

I’m new in the business but have a extensive background in sales. I’ve recently been offered the sales manager position in my company. The thing is I came from the car business and was paid very well and have taken a significant pay cut to help out a friend but I feel like my expertise is being taken advantage of. What is a fair pay for a sales manager in the Oklahoma area?

Why don’t you show your new boss how talented you are in making sales so he will be obligated to pay you more. What you did in another industry does not make you an expert in another. Selling roofs is quite different than selling cars.

  First off I didn't ask what I should be paid, I asked what is the industry standard. Also, I would disagree with you because sales is sales! Whether you are selling Lawn Equipment, Houses, Cars, or Roofs, the same basic principles apply. Features Advantage Benefits (Sales 101) So yes if you excel in any sales position you can transfer to any other type of sales. I have done it through out my life and I have seen countless people do it as well. 
Just FYI I have 3 Roofing companies asking me to come work for them because of the turn around I have done for this company but like I said in my original post I moved into this position because of a friend but that doesn't mean that I know what industry standards are and I thought this community could help me understand and give me some common ground of where I should be at.

Here is what I saw
"What is a fair pay for a sales manager "
Its written above.
As far as being taken advantage of by your friend and you taking a significant pay cut to do so sounds like you are putting yourself in this position.
Hang on I am getting ready to answer your question.
Can you elaborate on extensive background in sales?

O.k. I cant speak directly for Oklahoma as I am operating on the east coast.
But the pay commensurate with a sales manager position in my company based on sales currently in my zone.
You would make $150,000 with the possibility of additional perks.
Perks like a paid health insurance, a paid vacation, a new truck every year, company credit card to cover dining and new prospect entertainment.
This area is one of the lower paying areas.
Go to Los Angeles or Miami and the amount climb significantly.

I appreciate that. I know I need to prove myself and I am not ever going to ask to be paid that without him seeing a significant growth in sales. (Ive multiplied his monthly by 3x in two months, with no storm). I am on track to hit my goal in the next 3 months if I keep up the pace. So hopefully in a year he will see that I am worth more than he is paying me atleast now I can kinda gauge what the future could hold if growth continues.