Hey all! I am getting into the male dominated field of outside sales & ROOFING!!! There are just 5 outside salesmen in this area and me being the only female, my job is tough! I need some advice from you all to help me boost my sales and compete with the other 4 guys out there! What do you want from an outside salesman/woman???

Email me at and will give you some info that worked for me.

talk to GTP1003 he has the answers you are looking for.

“What do you want from an outside saleswoman???”

Something low cut.

outside sales for a contractor or vender ?
its a big difference.

What do you have to sell ???

Check with junk in the construction forum next door(how do I install weatherwatch? post) He claims to be the best roofing salesman around these parts.

Abe, Lets first clairify im dont claim anything. I feel slightly insulted by your claim. You are new from what i see from your posting numbers. Not saying you dont know anything im sure you do. But one thing is you probably dont know who is who on this site.

Ski why dont you let them know where you got the info from.

Thanks for the props marshall.

If you need help email me and i can see if i can help. There is an email link on this post. I will send you some questions that i will need answered before i can really help it gives me an idea of what you know or dont know. Chat with you soon.

God bless

Unless you also go by jonk this post was not for you. I normaly don’t participate in these forums but may read a few topics in my down time. I could not resist breaking the new guys balls. As far as the sales end I am all set. Thank you for the offer.

jason…kevin, kevin…jason

I was not talking to you about sales help.

Come work for me and I’ll show you how to earn 100k before this years end.

…so if we pro rate from now till the end of the year…then …in a normal year you can teach us how to make 200k? :smiley:


I would agree with the comment for showing more cleavage…god knows i would rather see some cleavage on a sales woman then a sweaty hair butt of a salesman LOL work with the tools God put in your inventory

99% Of the same principles apply from this thread here,

If you think of yourself as being in business on your own, you won’t go wrong.

If you’ve NEVER sold roofing before & don’t have any kind of a construction background, I’d get up on as many ‘in process’ roofs as you can & ask a lot of questions about the process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions along the line of “what makes this (point to something) better than another way of doing it?”

I know nothing about this subject sorry i can not help.

Sales is a trade in of it self. some guys can be a natural if they believe in what they sell. If they have done roofing they are more credible than the old fashion jacket and tie type salesman. Of course there are many basic tricks of the trade like anything else, mostly common sence.

One roofergirl to another…forget the low cut tops…lol…it distracts the customer from the samples/color charts. Women have a hard enough time being taken seriously :shock: in this racket to begin with.

Know your products and services and how and why they apply to a potential customer’s specific roofing requirements.
Also helps if you’ve seen the results of worn out roofs, improper installations, damaged or missing flashings, etc. and know what problems these can cause.