Salesman of the month opinion

ok we have started a salesperson of the month bonus here at the office.

the debate is what is a true show of work,

1:the number of jobs sold

2: how much money you collect for the month.

please cast your vote. and feel free to post your opinion

The # sold at your price. :mrgreen:

The only way to see who is really the best salesman that month is by tracking PROFIT. This is very hard to do in a one month contest because of the lag between sale and job completion. But if you have a fair way to do it then that is the best way. I’ve had many sales contest months and every single time my gross margin (profit) has dropped. I realize this is all easier said than done. BOTTOM LINE: Anybody can give a job away and push gross sales but only a good salesman can produce profit.

First place: new car

Second place: set of cheap steak knifes

Third place: your fired!

when we were selling Rio Rancho…
what was I …top sales for what… 1 month…two months…try 6 months in a row…

"that’s right…that’s why we call you Levine the machine…

hey you can’t talk to him that way…that’s levine the machine your talking to.

"apologies…Glengarry Glenn Ross

put the coffee down…coffee is for closers…
you think your a salesman…"you,…your levine…"
you call yourself a closer …you $$$##%.
see this watch…see this watch…this watch costs more than the car your driving…
where Roma…where’s Ricky Roma…
oh mr hot shot salesman of the month doesn’t have to attend meetings?

I’m here as a favor to Mitch and Murray…

dont worry Midnight… im sure you will win this month.

funny how you take a guy, and show him how to make $10,000+ a month, working 4 or 5 hour days, and all he does is whine for a week about the $250 salesman of the month bonus.

go figure. :roll:

It’s pride I am after. But the money is good for poker night

it would def. have to be based off of profit

I had to explain this to another salesman today.

he said it should be based off of number of sales.

so i used this example:

salesman #1 knocks doors in a trailer park, and signs up 20 people in one month, each roof cost $2,000-$3,000 retail each. so he sells 20 units total month $50,000. average month for a middle of the road salesman, but ends up working really hard for that paycheck.

salesman #2 sells a flat roof on a dentist office for $25,000. two houses for $15,000 each, a small house for $10,000, and a metal roof for $35,000. thats only 5 jobs sold… however, he collects a total of $100,000 for the month. worked less, and doubled (or more) the profit from salesman #1.

wouldnt it only make sense to give salesman #2 the bonus? (assuming he didnt give the deals away, and everything was sold at or around our “par” price)

Base it on total markup. Add up all the jobs for the month, the one with the hightest dollar volume in markup wins.

A, always.
B, be.
C, Closing.



However, Agape, in defense of the first guy, if it’s Sooner Nation then they are all in mobile homes & they don’t know of this “dentist” you speak of.

I keed, I keed (maybe).

Actually, the first guy may have an inside track to a higher rate of referrals, however he sure is busting his hump to bring in the work @ first (sounds like my 1st 5 years in the business running solo).

Hook 'Em!

LMFAO Ranch.

and he lost the SOTM by about $10,000 in gross sales, but sold 2 more units than the guy who won.

selling in a variable product environment,
I would think total sales volume would be the
only fair way. If you have a salesman selling less units at a higher markup…he’s already profiting
over the other guys with basic sales. If he also sells more, then he wins twice…(kinda sort of)

If you want to make the contest based on…

of units sold…then specify that… Someone is gonna win regardless of the requirements…might as well

induce the low price salesmen to pump up the volume…
Im sure the company is glad to have sales, upcharges is a luxury I don’t expect in this economy, just keep the guys busy.

just trying to spark some competition.

and it worked.

he turned in 10 jobs last month and lost the bonus.

this month, in 7 days, he already has 6 deals signed, deposit checks totaling over $30k, and turned in.

i think the competition is working. lol