Has anybody hired a salesman to get your company more work? Has it made you busier or not?

I tried a salesman once before. I was told her sold 19 roofs in two weeks so I was really excited to be able to hire him.

AFter a month with me, he had not sold one roof. I found out all he was selling at the other job was the lowest price and not quality. The houses he sold anyone could go to and sell a roof, even a baby.

After that month and a few thousand dollars later I fired him then started all I focused on was selling. I hired somebody to take care of all the office stuff, like writing up estimates, paying bills, going to get stuff in case the jobs ran short, all that sort of stuff. After I solely focused on selling and nothing more, my business went up a lot.

I found out its hard to find a good salesman. Anyone can sell a roof with the lowest bid but when you are comming in with one of the higher bids given, you have to be able to sell quality and thats what matters.

Kage, if he is a canvassing salesman he will bring in the work. That will tell you if he is a hard worker. He he will not go get his own leads then he does not bring you in more work. Everything realting to price some guys are just price guys, some upsell some just do what they are told to do as far as price. You have to entice guys with a nice pay plan to get a good salesman. The guy i work for i can sell the roof for whatever i want, i half the profit. so if it cost me 4000 to do the roof and sell it for 7000 than i made 1500 in a few hours. There is a line of give and take. You need to figure out what the cost of each lead is costing you. Then you will know how a salesman is doing. Michigan is dead here. I have a day job i will not lie nor hide that. I sell part time for extra money now. Now if this salesman sells his own leads then he should get 60% of the profit. It cost you nothing for the lead other than some paper so a few cents. THis year i will be putting together a setup that i will try this year as far as canvassing. I have a book i have used in the past but thats based on a few guys doing it at once not really geared for smaller companies. If you need anything drop me an email and we can chat. I might be able to help you in your quest of hiring a better salesman. Best week i ever had was a 4 day run where i sold everything i seen. Somewhere in the 50k range gross contracts for 4 days. You need someone that is seasoned, insurance salesman can work well if taught how to properly measure a roof. They are a little on the high pressure side but they make you a decent amount of cash. Everything has a cost and needs to be spelled out with a multiplier. if you have any questions drop me a line.

A good salesman can make a company while a bad salesman can break a company. I’ve hired alot of salesmen with mixed results.

I can’t see why a company would NOT have at least one full time professional estimator or salesmen on staff at all times.

Finding a salesman worth spit is the problem. If youa re good, you’re probably pampered. I’m finding the only way to find a really really good salesman is to take a roofer with a personality and train them how to sell.

The problem is, as a former full time sales rep, I do not feel any salesman deserves an hourly wage or salary, but most former roofers can’t make the switch from working hourly or by the piece to earning a commission. It’s usually weeks and weeks before they see a pay check, by that time they quit and in their mind are upset at me because they can’t sell when in reality they didn’t give it the proper time. So either I am stuck with some crazy hybrid salary plus commission system, or give draws on future commissions, which I have done before with very very bad results.

It’s a risk, but one I think everyone should take at some point to stabilize their company and get rid of some tof the feast famine cycles involved with our business.