Same problem down here

I am following up in all my old leads… just to see where they ended up…

And i am impressed with what i have been finding out… For example this lady had a 25 square house 2 layers comp wanted gutters trashed and all fascia replaced and pre-primed , city inspection and all.

figure lumber paint and roofing material :$3,200
Roof removal permit from city , and fascia+gutter demo: $2,000
Now labor for all installation carpentry paint and labor burden: $1,500

figure with mark up and all around $9,800

So i called nad she tells me she went with another contractor that charged her $6,000 less !!!

so thats $3,800 total!! that pays for the materials and tear-off maybe …


seems we are going thru a bad lowbailing problem also… :expressionless:

Well Q, thats why I have taken the route that I talked with you about. I am tired of wasting my time and energy looking at roofs and teaching the homeownwers all about their roofs only to have them go with someone else $2000-$3000 cheaper than me.

I’ll hop back on the roofing bandwagon when all these jokers go bankrupt.

you have a point guys. not much different here. If it was not from the referrals we be sunk 3 calls in 2 weeks for new clients.