Sandbag weight on roof

Hello ,
Is it adequate to put sandbags down to keep something in place / weigh down , something on a asphalt shingle roof with a slope of 12/12 45 degree angle ? ( cape cod type)

Also - what weight should a sandbag be to be on a asphalt shingle roof , to not be to heavy cause damage?

I’d be using a minimum of sandbags to hold it down together btw , I believe that should be taken into account , would be adding their weight all together in a specific area of the roof or etc.

A sandbag would fall right off a cape roof. Arr you trying to hold a tarp down or something?

I’ve seen people build steel frames for a satellite dish and hold them down with cinder blocks.

If you are concerned about the weight don’t worry about it for a few sandbags.

What are you trying to keep in place?

Thanks for your input so far guys.
I was thinking 25-30 lbs sandbags initially, but was unsure if it was too heavy or not , & considering multiple bags.
I’ve read somewhere else with this kind of a slope it is difficult to have anything put on roof.
Also I’ve searched everywhere on internet for the answer of correct weight for a roof top sandbag and it’s no where lol.

This is to hold in place / down a 4 ft high 8ft wide x mas decoration. (Temporary thing ) It’s really broken down into 4 pieces , but they all attach ( w bolts ) together (8ft wide total)
The outer part of the frame is thick. And the whole thing put together Is not light , prob anywhere from 60-80 lbs. not sure exact weight

I’ve seen those satellite mounts , a few seemed it was only meant for a flat roof
There were a couple that were said to match slope but just thinking about it , on a 45 degree slope not sure I’d put a non penetrating stand holding a condenser or satellite etc on the slope part with cinderblocks to be permanent. Lol

I was first gonna build a frame myself out of unistrut , similiar to the idea of those mounts , and connect the wire frame to it , holding it down with sandbags. Now I’ve read twice sandbags won’t work on that steep of a roof. Also seeing the weight of this thing , trying to have it stand upright , with sandbags , and throw in a real bad wind storm prob come crashing down.

Then I thought what if I just not make a frame for this since it has one already , have it just lay down right on the roof , hold it down with sandbags , and tie a rope to the top ( in different spots ) throw it over the roof and stake it to the ground to prevent it sliding down off roof or etc.

Thought that was a better plan but now the sandbag idea to hold it down , seems not adequate and leaves question marks.

Was gonna just give up on it and put something of a lighter nature in its place for the roof , but the idea I had for that was to build a simple wooden frame. A 2ft x 2ft piece of plywood , with a leg (2x4) or etc screwed underneath the front end to make up the slope and make a level platform , same tie a rope throw it over roof so it hopefully don’t move down the roof but was gonna still do the same weigh it down with something as well for extra piece of mind but prob again be a sandbag. Idk

Pretty much out of ideas , which is why I posted here , this may be a stupid post about decoration but at least you guys have knowledge and great feed back.

You could put a rope for each corner. Send pics when you get it up. The complicity of what you are trying to do is why you don’t see decorations like this elsewhere.

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A rope for each corner leading equally to one or two sandbag drapped over the peak of the roof.