Saw this @ a house today

Co. I do about 3 houses a month for is aligned with HomeVestors (“Ug buys ugly houses”)… they buy @ foreclosure for flip & inventory to rent.

Anyhoo…, while I’m doing the roof (well, my crew is, anyhow - in between my bitching them out for laying 15 # right over the top of old / pulled roofing nails laid sideways on the deck) I am talking to the two guys doing the interior reno. It was fairly trashed out as most of the repo’s usually are.

I had to use the loo & asked if the water was operable; they said “yeah.” I went to my truck for the roll I keep on hand & go to the ‘master’ bath. I lifted the seat to see what the situation was like & there in the bottom of the bowl were FOUR huge rats! Holeeeee… caught me by surprise; dropped the lid on ‘em & went back to the 2nd bath. Suggested that one of the other dudes check it out (didnt’ tell 'em what it was, just said “hey… go look.”)…

I went out for lunch & a clean bathroom; not sure what they did to get the rats outta there but I’m happy I am the roofer.