Scared of heights but need to make repairs

I am scared of heights but need to make repairs on a two story 30’ high roof. Would it be ok to cut an access hole so I can climb up and do the repairs. I am not afraid of falling because it is between two gables. I have been on a mobile home roof before when my dad was living but he had to place my feet on the first rung of the ladder. I am ok climbing the ladder but coming down is my problem. I have to do this myself I have no choice. I have asked people and even groups of people to help me but no one is willing and I can’t afford to hire a roofer.
What kind of ladder is recommended? I weigh 260lbs. Can I use roll roofing. I will have my cell phone so if I get stuck I can call someone and wait.
If I were to extend the ladder above the work area and have the ladder fastened to the roof or a window I think I can get it done.
Can you put up roll roofing during the Winter?

This is a joke, right?

" Would it be ok to cut an access hole so I can climb up and do the repairs."

Ha! who’s gonna repair the access hole when you climb back down into the attic? Just like a chain a plan is only as good as its weakest link.

Call a local roofing company and see if they will charge you a fair price to tarp the area. Then start saving your money to get the repairs done by a pro.

Here is the thing about roofing, especially on a 2 story-IF YOU FALL YOU WILL LIKELY DIE OR BE PARALIZED.
Think about what you are doing. The first thing I always tell new guys when they come to work is that if it makes you feel uncomfortable, or it makes you think about falling, don’t do it. Everyone has a different threshold for these things, roofing is not for everyone.

Please don’t do anything stupid.

Where are you?

I am going to rent a lift that has a rail guard. that I can operate off the ground. It has a rail. I can only rent it for a day. This will be expensive but it will keep me off a ladder. I would have had the roof fixed a long time ago if I had help. I am able to collect most of the water inside but have already lost plaster and wallpaper.
I tried to fix it from the inside. I can climb in the attic space with no trouble it’s just when I get in high places without something to grap onto. I feel embarrased by posting this but I really didn’t have a choice. I have worked with wood since 1988.
I will be ok, Can you use rolled roofing during the winter? The reason I want to use rolled roofing is because I can work quickly, do the repairs. and not worry about getting stung by wasps.
A roof can not be fixed from the inside I don’t think. I promise to be safe and am going to stay in my comfort zone. If I rent a lift, I will be ok. What do you think, am I in the ball park?

why not just hire a roofer instead of renting a lift??.. :roll:

I am in Corbin Kentucky, They rented a lift across the street to do some roof work on a church next door. If I have the area tarped how much would it cost? I have photos of the house at I appreciate all comments and suggestions. I am going to do a little bit of bracing from the inside before I get on the roof and hopefully will do the work in January. It’s a hard life when you don’t have any help.

I had two people to give me estimates the were $5,000. difference in the quotes. If I rent a lift it will cost about $300. plus the cost of roofing material.

$5,000 must have been for replacing the entire roof. Either you got duped or there is no way you can do what they were going to do for $5,000 in one day. From what you’re describing, I don’t see how the repairs would be more than $500.

I still think this is a joke, nobody could be this stupid.

I wish it were a joke but it’s not. I have been a furniture upholsterer since 1988. I have been scared of heights all of my life. My mom has terminal brain cancer and I have been taking care of her. While we were at the hospital in Knoxville for 84 days. The neighboors broke into the house and stole most of my tools. I found my air compressor but pressed charges. The trial is in January.

No, they said it would take about five days to do the work. I had the estimate done last year. I wish I were joking but right now I have so much on me plus the major leak in the roof where they decided to add a kitchen and remove a slant roof and put another gable where the slant roof was. I was told that the guy that used to live here climed a ladder and filled it with tar but I haven’t been able to do this. I honestly wish I were joking.

I agree with you, I am stupid but I still have to get the roof fixed.

Okay, they told you it would take 5 days but you are going to do it in one day? You’re not an experienced roofer, you’re afraid of heights, you weigh 260 pounds but you’re going to do it in 20% of the time that was estimated by whatever roofing company gave you the bid? Is it just me or does that sound a bit strange?

Again, with that bid and amount of time, this is either a bid for a complete roof replacement or there is substantially more work than to just repair some shingles. This is like the old saying about a person who decides to be their own attorney “They have a fool for a lawyer and an idiot as the client.”

I am sorry for your difficult circumstances. Don’t make them much worse by doing something incredibly stupid. Get another contractor or two out to give you a bid for just repairs or even temporary repairs.

The quote was for the complete job. With dimensional shingles. It will be ok. maybe someting good will happen but for now I am going to get on the roof,. this is the main part. after I get up there. I will do the repairs and come back down and not worry with it. people climb roofs everyday why should it be much harder for me? I know I can do this.

They are probaly NOT scaword of hieghts,just get some more estimates for a temp. fix…

If this is a true and real post…Then I understand that the bids are $5,000 apart. Tells me you got a bid for full replacement.

If the previous owner slapped mastic on the affected area, then you could do this to…OR…You can hire a roofer to do the same thing for the same price as the lift…$300…(200 for labor 100 for a bucket of mastic.
This would also save your life

NOW…If you come back with another line that your going to still do the work yourself…Then this must be a joke!!!

The things I am thinking about today are:

  1. ropes to keep me from falling and where to fasten them.
  2. roll roofing, can you use it in the winter months.
  3. I can’t use the lift because I won’t be able to do the repairs in one day.
  4. Doing some inside wall bracing first.
  5. Saving money to get a ladder.
  6. getting a ladder and knowing which one to get.
  7. Saftey first.

I appreciate all the coments regardless of what they are. go to my website that has a photo of the house.

Worse case senerio is that I get up there and will have to call someone to lower my feet on the top rung of the ladder. Thats all. I don’t have a real fear of falling it is just the fear of heights and not having something stationary to hold to. :?

I didn’t see your post. Its more than mastic. all of the roll roofing has blown off. most of it.

I promise you I am not going to fall.

Part of it is shingle and the other part is roll roofing. It looks like it was done in parts by differnt times. This is not a joke. I appologize if you think it is. I am not going to let myself fall I just have to get the guts to get up there and put it on my priority list. thanks