Scary thought

Had a repair i did early this year call and say what i did still leaked. Went to the home like wtf is wrong. Come to find out the gutter where it meets the transition of the roof the spike came out and rubbed right through the shingle and leaked in where i didnt work. Ever have this kinda fun? But here is where the pics i take of before during and after come usefull. If i did not have that i would have been toast.

I try to stay away from repairs. If I do a repair it is in my contract that I do not warranty. I will not warrenty repair work. whole roof yes repair no
But if I did pictures are the best way before and after. They can save you I did a roof The guy had sat. tv put in he called me two weeks after he had the sat. tv installed about three months after I did the roof saying my roof was leaking. I told him I will come look. I saw the dish on the roof. I asked him when he had the dish put in. He tried to tell me it was there when I did the roof. Itold him it was not there whe4n I did the roof then informred him I took before and after pictures. and there was nosat. dish. and on top of it he voided my warrenty. My ? is it wrong of me to void warranty

My contract states clearly any alterations or modifications to roofing area will void any and all warranty claims that have or will be set forth. And there is a area to sign right next to it. And i explain that to each customer. If it has a sat dish on it i will use a sat dish install flange on the roof designed for it for 200 bucks. Ugly old 550 vent with 4 studs on the top.

One time this guy calls up for a leak call i go out and he claims that rain leaked into chimney down chimney pipe into fish bowl and apparently one of the fish was " allergic to water " :smiley: … and died… so now he claims his daughter has emotional trauma… I was working for another contractor at the time… so i just told him look man i know what your trying to do… i am just here to put some tar on your chimney… he smiled and blinked his eye.