Scumbag Adjuster moves

We are working on a very large (for us) Insurance Claim.

Without missing a line item in my Estimate was as I feel complete and acceptable. Adjuster came, agreed on scope and took my Estimate back to the office. He informed me a Engineer would be required to look at the project as it was over their threshold to just approve.

Two weeks go by, owner informs me we are doing the job book it. He also tells me the “Engineer” was actually another Contractor who wanted this job, and asked for this job.

This “Engineer’s” Estimate was exactly the same scope as mine… less a few lines
I & W
Drip edge
Ridge cap
$250.00 allowance for staging (Rental alone was $4,000)
all in all $45,000 lower than mine.

When I pointed out these missing important items to the owner, he informed me the Adjuster informed him the other roofer was able to include this under his square price and that is what the IC was paying.

How would you move forward with this?

Supplement city?

Not uncommon. Personally, I would get on the horn with your great buddy Mr. Adjuster and play the injured party. Tell him you itemize all of your charges and will bill accordingly. More importantly? Act betrayed and offended that his “engineer” tried to snake your job away, and ask him “What’s the deal?” Proceed to advise him that the illegal kickbacks that he is clearly taking are between him and the law, but they won’t be tolerated on your time. Advise him that next time, you will be reporting him to the insurance commission, the DA, and will be pressing civil charges against him personally, his “sugar daddy” buddy that he is selling your clients to, and his employer for tortious interference with contract/expectancy of work. We work hard, and our time is valuable. Don’t tolerate crooked antics like this.

This is why I make it a point to be there when the adjuster is there. With or without his buddy. I’ve actually had adjusters bring other companies for “ladder assist”. Usually if I’m standing there they won’t try to steal a job in front of my face.

I hear ya brother, I am also a Vermont roofer and it is getting real tuff in this economy. That bullshit is happening more and more and is enough to piss off the Pope. Now everybody is a roofer and are playing cut throat. Two years ago we were getting $400 per square for standing seam metal with no problems, now if we bid $325 a square we have a piece of shit telling the homeowner if you get there bid in writing I will beat it and he does by about $100. Then he cuts corners and does a shitty job and the roof leaks. We now will only give a free verbal price and tell them they will get it writing via contract if we get the job. With the price of gas and our time what the hell do they want for free. We should stick together a run these scumbags out.

If you’re losing jobs to cut rate roofers over $100, I don’t think you have anybody to blame but yourself for lack of selling skills.

No not really, It is the economy and I’m not sure if it was $100 I just used that. I’m not the high pressure begging type person I am a 3rd generation roofer and my son is going to be a 4th generation roofer. I did not reply to your post to be put down and I do not like ugly mean natured people and will never again reply to your post

Kewl. Perhaps it didn’t come across properly but I meant it as constructive criticism. I take people literally. You said $100, I took you at your word. My bad. Unfortunately, we now live in a market place and economy where it takes more than having been multiple generations of roofing in order to survive and prosper. Selling and establishing your value, versus the lower priced “Chuck and a Trucks” takes some sales skills. Hopefully you will choose to learn some of them in order that your 4th generation survives. Best of luck!

Although slightly off topic I feel your pain- but we have never, ever run out of work and it is not based on those numbers you mentioned. Per square variables are too vague to just drop and if someone wants a per square price I can roof houses day in day out for $300 a square - but jobs need to be sold not bid and sold in my mind is defined by educating the customer to why we get what we get and where the other 40% plus comes from.

Vermont is a small place with many roofers, many carpenters/ contractors who may or may not be roofers that we go up against all the time and win most jobs we look at. we offer a better product, system, installation , and education most other contractors do not offer.

Surely AD was not putting you down as it is not his style.

There is nothing high pressure about sitting with a customer and explaining the process.

Look at it this way, making an appointment with someone and meeting them shows two sided respect for time, preconceived value, now you are worth more than the next bidder. Believe it or not In am a pretty likable guy and you’d probably buy a roof from me if you were not already a roofer. Not because I’m a high pressure salesman- because I take the time with all my customers and it is about them not about me, even though it is in fact about me as tis ain’t no charity man I have to make a living. I am not cheap by no stretch of the imagination. You can and sometimes match prices- I price my work aggressively if there in a tight knit area and I want to put my signs up in that neighborhood, I did say “signs”.

Back to the original post…

I know this Adjuster hired and paid another contractor to purposefully miss line items full well knowing he (the other contractor) wouldn’t be getting the job.

The adjuster went as far as to tell me this on the second inspection- (the one with an open roof and missed line items visible) he paid the other contractor $1,500 to write the estimate! He went on to tell me he liked me, and he could turn “estimating jobs” to me in similar situations.

XM is a “platform” however just that a “platform” not set in stone pricing. It must be whatever benefits them at the time.

Thought I’d offer the final results for quitters. Adjuster came out twice, both times he said the other roofer included it. We were on the last plane of roof and went to the owner, who called the Adjuster and low and behold they paid. It sucked that it was such a hassle and the owner probably didn’t like being put in the position but in the end- it was a step he had to make to make the Adjuster budge.

The Adjuster, who called me and actually called me a “JERK” and to stop jerking this claim around. I stayed on the level and professional and told him if he had been professional from the beginning we’d been fine and I realized he had hung up after getting his “JERK” comment in. Real mature.

Sounds like you cost one sorry adjuster his set of steak knives for the year. Tough luck for him, and congrats.

This must be irony, my wife says we need a new set of kitchen knives lol.

Nice work roofcheck!!! Amazing things can happen when you get the policy holder involved in the right way.