Seaming architectural shingles to 3 tab

Hi, I live in a townhouse that is one unit of a quadraplex. The building has one continuous roof of 3 tab shingles. I need a new roof due to storm damage. One roofing company says they can join architectural shingles to my neighbors’ 3 tab roof with no problem and another company says absolutely not because it will leak.
A third company says they will put flashing between my roof and my neighbors’ roof and a fourth company says that would also leak eventually.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Have the other owners contact their insurance companies and get the whole roof done at once. If that won’t work use a doubled 2X8 divider, flash both sides and aluminum cap. Insurance might pay the extras. Tamko used to have a 5" exposure arch shingle.

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This is done all the time where I live. It’s better to do it all at once,but it can be done without problems.

darkthirty said the best way to do it if replacing the whole thing isn’t an option. Completely divorce the 2 sections with tiny separation wall and then flash each side independently.

Thank you all so much for your feedback. You have helped me a lot. I wish we could replace the entire roof but there is only damage on my property. Now I know what to ask for when speaking to roofers.
Thanks again!

caulk on both sides and ridge caps ,whats so hard ?

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You can make that “work” but it’s the easy way out imo. I build a separation so I know if someone other than me works on the neighboring property he has no excuse at all to touch my side.

I dont cap it,I run a bead of cement straight down and overlap 10-12". If the neighbours roof is old and shitty, I do cap it so it’s a simpler tie in.
I hate doing this stuff, but if I dont someone else will.

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If the neighbors roof is a piece of crap, I do the same. Run cement and lap it, 12". If it’s something to tie in, I do that.

I have been successful in just tying them in
Because i havent tried to install architect shingles next to somebody’s 3-tab shingles.

This is highly risky!
More than likely this tie-in sections wood
Is completely deteriorated and cannot even be walked on.
Why? Because more than likely Fire-retardant wood was used here and it turns into dust.

So doing one side without the other is risky and dangerous.
But yes, someone needs to do it.

Just how to deal with the liability and happiness of both owners
While you are only dealing with one
While both owners might not like each other…
One big sticky situation.