Searching for Mira Vista shingles

HELP!! i own a home that has a Mira Vista roof. The previous owners had it installed. I understand Owens Corning no longer manufactures the roof. Also, I believe there was a class action law suit where money or roofing material was given out, but I missed out on all of that. Anybody have any idea where I can get replacement shingles?

Have you contacted the local O.C. rep? You can find his/her name from your local O.C. distributor.

thanks! unfortunately OC wants nothing more to do with this roof. there was a class action law suit that involved monetary and material (shingles) disbursements, but i was not a part of that. unfortunately. at this point, they just keep redirecting me to the law firm that handled the case. i was hoping to find someone that had a stockpile of dead stock on their warehouse or something. thanks!

Where are you located?