Second Adjustment Same Adjuster?

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Has anyone run into the situation where they go for a reinspect and the insurance company insists on sending out the same guy. I have a claim with SF. The original adjustment paid for all the metal on the roof, all the gutters, numerous window screens and window beading, the fence, to replace a metal shed, and 3 rooms with interior damage. However it states that no damage was found to the ridge or field shingle. BS, every house around it has been replaced except for one and the turbine on that roof wobbles more than a bobble head. Its a steep roof, maybe an 8 pitch, 3-tab POS. It’s not fun to walk on but I’ve found plenty of hail hits on the roof, some wind lift too. The adjuster however wants it to completely pierce the backing of the shingle. Granule loss doesn’t count. I disagree. No granules left means exposed mat. Add the blistering Texas sun and it will soon be a hole. I called SF and spoke to a “supervisor” who bluntly told me that they aren’t going to send anyone different out. Same guy or nobody at all. The homeowner wasn’t represented on the first adjustment. Have I just been lucky to have not run into this before now? A reinspect to me should be a different person for a different opinion. It does no good for the same guy to come back again. Any advice?

Get the homeowners agent to request a different inspector.

The longer you are in the game the more you will learn and the more you learn the more you realize how much bs goes on in this business.

You mentioned in your post that the homeowner wasn’t represented on the first adjustment.

If you would like to have the property reinspected tell them to go ahead and send out the original adjuster. Photo document the information needed to warrant a roof replacement. If you were not there at the initial inspection you can act ignorant and simply ask them to look at what you believe is damage and see what they have to say. I find this method works really well. There are so many times adjusters simply get it wrong and need help to get it right.

If you are in the DFW area I know I can help. Let me know or Send me a PM

I am on another hotel in STL.I repaired a couple sections due to interior damage,Upon further inspection of the premises I found some good wind damage.The owner signed a claim contract and before I asked him if they filed any claims and he said no.I inspected all the rooms and found leakage in about 45 of the 100 rooms.I have documented,measured and come up with a loss assessment that I found.(Which means nothing until approved)

I do a conference call with the insured to the claims department and when asked the date of loss I stated April 28th 2012.They then proceeded to tell me that a claim was filed in July for that same date of loss.So now I have an adjusters meeting on Tuesday with,yep THE SAME adjuster.After further inquiry it was determined the claim was for hail and I am pushing for wind.

I assume if the claim is for hail then they inspect for hail.I cannot see an adjuster saying,Ya know what ? There’s no hail damage but the wind has compromised the integrity of the shingles and this isn’t “Functionable Loss”.Lets buy this sucker.Not happening.

So now since its been entered as April 28th I am going to go with it.IMPO the date of loss was in fact the 28th but due to continuing wind storms it only added to the existing compromise.I have never had an adjuster meeting with the same adjuster from a previous inspection.But with this claim exceeding $600,000.00 I am thinking they will do what they have to in order to limit liability.So I guess I will repost on this thread Tuesday.But you can bet that since they are sending out “Their Best Man” I will have several with me ready to do battle on Tuesday.

My advice is to check your wind and hail swaths to see if its possible for a D.O.L since the previous inspection he was there for.If so have him pull his photos from that “D.O.L” inspection and compare them to the existing damage.And if he says no they don’t have any,Well that’s bullsh** because they have to take photos of test squares and generally some soft metals which is more prone to hail strikes and possibly debris sent airborne due to wind.

Probably those “tough” guy’s from E. A. Renfroe wearing their SF shirts and hats…geeeeeez.

I have a little different cut at this than Alltex, but then again, we don’t have the benefit of so many PA’s in the areas we work. Therefore, we have a greater motivation to get something settled on the first few meetings.

I’d go to the HO and have them contact their insurance company and as forcefully as possible, demand a different “set of eyes” for the reinspect. Seems to me that having the same guy out again creates a certain losing situation for someone, either the HO or the Adjuster. Those types of situations rarely turn out well. It also doesn’t make sense to have the same guy come out again.

Meeting with the same adjuster is a waste of time. I understand we all know that, but it had to be said. Have the HO hire a PA or request the file move directly into the appraisal process. If what you say is true, you will win in appraisal. Unfortunately, the insuerd will bear the cost of the appraiser and 1/2 the umpire…if one is needed. A PA, of course will be billing a percentage of the supplemental increase. Hopefully, they are good at what they do and are able to maximize the loss. It is unfortunate that SF puts their insured in a position to have to make this decision. Technically, since you don’t have a legal financial interest in the outcome of the claim, you could act as appraiser and do it for free. They could challenge that you are planning to do the work, but we have challenged that as a financial interest in the ‘outcome’ of the claim and been succesful. Technically, you may or may not do the work, so SF cannot exclude you from acting as appraiser. If you are able to get the appraisal award with a reasonable opposing appraiser w/o an umpire, the process could be done at no charge to the insured. On my appraisals, I always try to meet the opposing appraiser first to see if we can settle without the use of an umpire. If you do need an umpire and can’t get one of your suggestions agreed upon, get one court appointed. NEVER take a suggestion from a carrier represented appraiser and absolutely never agree to an engineer or consultant who does a large amount of carrier work as an umpire…even if you think they have been ‘fair’ with you in the past. If you are lucky, you will get a sitting or retired judge. These guys will review the case on facts alone. Since most insurance companies ignore the facts, you’re already a leg up. Half the time, they will request both sides to present their files and pictures and they may not even get on the roof. Take the decision making power out of SF’s hands. They’ve proven they can’t handle that responsibility.